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My work is more sedentary than it used to be, so I temper it with plenty of physical activity: sea kayaking, ultimate frisbee, running and some heavy duty gardening: growing my own vegetables and much of my own fruit.

Here are some of the things I try to fight: environmental destruction, undemocratic power, corruption, deception of the public, injustice, inequality and the misallocation of resources, waste, denial, the libertarianism which grants freedom to the powerful at the expense of the powerless, undisclosed interests, complacency.

Here is what I fear: other people’s cowardice.

I still see my life as a slightly unhinged adventure whose perpetuation is something of a mystery. I have no idea where it will take me, and no ambitions other than to keep doing what I do. So far it’s been gripping.

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Here are some of the things I love: my family and friends, kayaking among dolphins, otters, salt marshes, fishing, arguments, chalk streams, Russian literature, thunderstorms, circus tumblers, the exuberance of life, rockpools, heritage apples, woods, swimming in the sea, ponds and ditches, insects, pruning, forgotten corners, fossils, goldfinches, etymology, Bill Hicks, ruins, palaeoecology, landscape history, Gavin and Stacey and Father Ted.


George Joshua Richard Monbiot is a British writer known for his environmental and political activism. He writes a weekly column for The Guardian, and is the author of a number of books, including Captive State: The Corporate Takeover of Britain and Feral: Searching for Enchantment on the Frontiers of Rewilding, Out of the Wreckage.


Crafting the story of change - the missing narrative


We will divide up the tasks, but always in the knowledge that we're working together

OK, so this is what we're going to do.

We double down on support/giving networks for the people this government is going to dump on. It won't make up for the failures of the state, but we'll do our best. We support each other with love and strength through the dark times.

We start an open, non-partisan discussion about the movements and politics we need, to wrest this wonderful country back from the wreckers who are now in charge. No in-fighting, no recriminations, maximum solidarity, minimum jockeying.

We expose every lie, every trick this government will play, using social media to the max. We use every available tool to investigate its financial relationships, interests and strategies. We sue and prosecute malfeasance as effectively as we can.

We build mass resistance, drawing inspiration from - and building on - highly effective new movements, such as the youth climate strikes. We draw strength from the movements in other nations and support them in turn.

We work together to craft the *story* of change: the great missing element in our politics. This is not the same as policies, principles or values (which of course we also need). The story is the vehicle that carries them. I explain this here:


We create, to the greatest extent possible, a Resistance Economy. This means local cooperative networks of mutual support, that circulate social and material wealth within the community. Here's an example:


We find each other and ourselves through volunteering, which is a) the best defence against loneliness and alienation b) provides support to the people this government will abandon, and c. defends and rebuilds the living world.


We will defend our public services - especially the NHS - from attempts to degrade or destroy them, and support, as well as we are able, the overworked heroes who keep them afloat.

I know there'll be plenty I've left off this list: I'm tired and frayed, as I guess we all are. Please add to it. No one person should attempt all these things. We will divide up the tasks, but always in the knowledge that we're working together. Love and courage to you all.





Ralph Pettingill

Thank you @George Monbiot Count me in.... Maybe this horrible mess actually helps us clarify and gain perspective on what we need. Now is the time..

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