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My work is more sedentary than it used to be, so I temper it with plenty of physical activity: sea kayaking, ultimate frisbee, running and some heavy duty gardening: growing my own vegetables and much of my own fruit.

Here are some of the things I try to fight: environmental destruction, undemocratic power, corruption, deception of the public, injustice, inequality and the misallocation of resources, waste, denial, the libertarianism which grants freedom to the powerful at the expense of the powerless, undisclosed interests, complacency.

Here is what I fear: other people’s cowardice.

I still see my life as a slightly unhinged adventure whose perpetuation is something of a mystery. I have no idea where it will take me, and no ambitions other than to keep doing what I do. So far it’s been gripping.

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Here are some of the things I love: my family and friends, kayaking among dolphins, otters, salt marshes, fishing, arguments, chalk streams, Russian literature, thunderstorms, circus tumblers, the exuberance of life, rockpools, heritage apples, woods, swimming in the sea, ponds and ditches, insects, pruning, forgotten corners, fossils, goldfinches, etymology, Bill Hicks, ruins, palaeoecology, landscape history, Gavin and Stacey and Father Ted.


George Joshua Richard Monbiot is a British writer known for his environmental and political activism. He writes a weekly column for The Guardian, and is the author of a number of books, including Captive State: The Corporate Takeover of Britain and Feral: Searching for Enchantment on the Frontiers of Rewilding, Out of the Wreckage.


George Monbiot
7 November 2019, 10:38
British people are fundamentally disempowered by our political system. Other countries show that there’s another way
George Monbiot
7 November 2019, 10:21
Like Boris Johnson, I was sent away. These are institutions of fear, cruelty and trauma, and they create terrified bullies.
George Monbiot
27 April 2019, 09:06
The economic system is incompatible with the survival of life on Earth. It is time to design a new one...
George Monbiot
7 March 2019, 16:14
Driving is ruining our lives, and triggering environmental disasters. Only drastic action will kick our dependency.
George Monbiot
7 March 2019, 15:44
Drawing on the successes and failures of the past, we must help young climate strikers to win their existential struggle. Courage and conviction may not be enough – that’s something I learned from other movements’ failures.
George Monbiot
11 January 2019, 15:53
A major reason for the sharp decline in the quality of political debate in Britain is that the media rewards people for disgraceful behaviour. If you're caught lying on Wednesday, you'll be on Question Time on Thursday.
George Monbiot
8 December 2018, 12:33
Every year we splurge on pointless, planet-trashing products, most of which are not wanted. Why not just bake them a cake?
George Monbiot
8 December 2018, 12:05
David Attenborough has betrayed the living world he loves. By downplaying our environmental crisis, the presenter’s BBC films have generated complacency, confusion and ignorance.
George Monbiot
16 November 2018, 07:27
Two tasks need to be performed simultaneously: throwing ourselves at the possibility of averting collapse, as Extinction Rebellion is doing, slight though this possibility may appear; and preparing ourselves for the likely failure of these efforts, terrifying as this prospect is. Both tasks require a complete revision of our relationship with the living planet.