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Female, Sitges, Barcelona, Spain, birthday 9th October
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Passionate about narrative and storytelling from childhood and now using it in my private consultancy work.  I am also CEO of a small charity which works with healthcare professionals, academics, scientists and researchers from across the globe, all specialising in the space of early life nutrition but with a focus n how we bring about behaviour change.  My career has been varied - 13 years as a Royal Air Force Officer, specialism air traffic control when I discovered I can think and work in 4D.  I took a 3 year career break to accompany my (then) husband on an exchange tour with the US Navy.  I became a mortgage lender and a bank manager and successfully turned around the most failing bank branch for the group in the regions within 3 months and turning it into the highest revenue earning.  A return to the UK saw a promotion to Squadron Leader but I felt that it was time to move on.  I then had a successful 12 year career in the NHS working in leadership development and transformation and latterly teach the theory of social movements and community organising.  I did an on-line programme with Professor Marshall Ganz from the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard and continue to use the skills and knowledge that I ained from that experience in my daily life, my personal relationships, and in my teaching.


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Music - from Bowie to classical, women leaders but not in traditional hierarchy.  Marshall Ganz, a Catholic upbringing, an amazing Mother.  My best friends big sister who opened my horizons to University.  Don Whitby my English teacher and all of the drama and reading that he coached us through.




1 Apr 2016 CEO, Early Life Nutrition Network

2013 - present : Director, Elizabeth Carter Consulting Ltd

2001-2013: NHS, Modernsation Agency, Director, The Learning Centre, NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement

1983 - 2001 Royal Air Force Officer

1979-1982 Royal Holloway Colege, University of London, BA (hons) English Drama and Theatre Studies




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