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Donnachadh is an author, broadcaster and journalist on environmental issues. He is the founder of the award winning environmental consultancy 3 Acorns Eco-audits.

He was Deputy Chair of the Liberal Democrats during the two years leading up to the Iraq War and an elected member of its Federal Executive for 7 years. He was a founder and a leader of the “new radicalism” Lib Dem campaign group for six years. During this period he was one of the party’s most successful developers of conference policy proposals.

His home in Camberwell was London’s first carbon negative home. It has solar hot-water, solar electric, wind-turbine (useless!), rain-harvester, wood burner and solid-wall insulation.

He served as a councillor in Southwark during the 1990s, stood as a Parliamentary candidate in Peckham in 2001, where he came second to Harriet Harman and was elected to be a European Parliament candidate for London. He was twice short-listed to be the party’s London Mayoral Candidate.

Donnachadh resigned from the party after 12 years in 2006 after the Party President Lord Dholakia demanded his resignation from the platform at conference over his efforts to ban Lib Dem Peers from selling his services as lobbyists and threats of legal action from Charles Kennedy over his criticism of the Party Treasurer being a lobbyist for the Cayman Islands.

He is currently not a member of any political party.

Donnachadh was the on-screen eco-auditor for the hit BBC 2 TV series, “It’s Not Easy Being Green”, ITV’s “How Green is Your House” and Sky’s Green Britain Week. He has appeared frequently on national TV and radio, including The Today Programme, BBC Breakfast News, Radio 5 Live , BBC World Service, CNN, Sky News, London Tonight etc

He is the author of two books “Easy Eco-auditing” and “Saving the Planet without Costing the Earth” and has written for The Guardian, Resurgence Magazine, Permaculture Magazine and Sunday Times. He wrote the regular green column “The Home Ecologist” for The Independent.

Donnachadh has worked with a wide range of organisations to help them green their operations, including Ealing Film Studios, the BBC, Royal Opera House, RNID, City Bridge Trust, MotivAction, RIBA, The British Council, Brunswicks, Novartis and The Body Shop, as well as smaller charities and businesses.

He became a passionate campaigner for environmental action when an accident whilst dancing with the Royal Opera Ballet led to spending time with the Yanomami Indians in the middle of Amazon in 1992, where he encountered the destruction of the rainforest first-hand and its disastrous consequences for the Yanomami.


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Donnachadh McCarthy
20 November 2020, 19:04
This was my last week's climate column about the Johnson government's official response to the annual report by the Climate Change Committee, which found it was failing in 17 out of 21 indicators for zero carbon 2050 target.
Donnachadh McCarthy
16 March 2020, 17:12
The right economic response to cd19 must include a Covid Green New Deal, not a massive bail out of oil, gas, aviation, travel and fossil fuel banks, in UK and US
Donnachadh McCarthy
25 January 2020, 21:24
Below is the email I received last night following my posting, as my profile pic, a picture of my doing the Ashtanga yoga pose called The Yogi's Rest Pose...  I was surprised that despite 40 years of personal working on my internalised sexual abuse/repression from my catholic childhood, how I allowed the email calling my picture offensive and unacceptable as it portrayed to the writer a gay sexual position to trigger me!  
Donnachadh McCarthy
25 January 2020, 21:13
Boris Johnson is literally worse than Trump. He is now actually boasting about clean fossil oil and clean fossil gas, adding another PR coup to the fossil fuel industry's utopian clean coal!!!  At least Trump has the honesty to say he opposes action on the climate disaster. 
Donnachadh McCarthy
7 January 2020, 17:05

The middle-east occupations of Palestine and Iraq have distracted humanity for decades from the real terrifying existential crises of the climate and ecological emergencies. 

Israel's apartheid supporting Prime Minister Natanyahu will be celebrating the terrorist attack by Trump on Baghdad airport, killing Iran's senior military commander, Qasim Suleimani in an insane unnecessary escalation of US/Israeli sabre-rattling against Iran.