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Johnson : Delivering racism to your letterbox


So, yesterday, Johnson took all of six questions about his leadership bid, one of which concerns his having referred to Muslim who wear the burqa as resembling letterboxes. First up, the woman putting the question is booed by Johnson's cronies present, led by Mark Francois, that loathsome little Brexit weeble whose current media exposure is about as welcome as the exposure of a man's penis in a school playground.

Then, without reproving the hecklers, Johnson himself replies. He offers a vague, mealy-mouthed apology for the offence he has caused, but precedes it with the following observation;

“Too often we are muffling and veiling our language: not speaking as we find; covering everything up in bureaucratic platitudes, when what they want to hear is what we really think”.

In other words, when Johnson says shit like this, we should actually be praising him for his healthy candour, which is serving to restore trust in British politicians, rather than rapping him on the knuckles.

Listen, you yammering, disgraceful baby elephantine sickbag in human shape, if this is what you really think about Muslim women then you are a racist and unfit for any sort of public office; indeed, unfit for human society. If this were Corbyn discussing the appearance of Jewish women, he'd be absolutely flayed, and rightly so; his career would be over. But not Johnson. Instead your braying toadies applaud you, you move on, and even the media move on, because, well, Boris will be Boris. To hell with that, to hell with you and to hell with the Racist Party who are set to appoint you their leader.



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