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Danny Baker's sacking by the BBC stinks


No question that Danny Baker did a very crass and stupid thing indeed with that monkey photo and no question that his initial non-apology and the comment about "diseased minds" was woefully inadequate. He deserved a reprimand, a suspension, perhaps. But fire him? I'm fully prepared on the basis of his record to accept that the connection just didn't occur to him in the moment. After all, going right back to his NME days, Danny Baker was championing black music - popular black music - in defiance of a music press culture which still unconsciously equated authenticity and superiority and seriousness with white rock. I'll also never forget the savaging he meted out to Sid Vicious's Sid Sings and Vicious's continued use of the swastika. He simply has no form as a racist; quite the reverse.

So what is this? A spur-of-the-moment overreaction by the Beeb? An excuse to sack a broadcaster who, while popular and feted, doesn't fit in with their overall image of 5LIve? Or a bending over backwards to fawn to the monarchy? I don't know. But while the Beeb is happy to throw a Baker to the wolves, on Question Time they continue to give vent to the open racist sewer currently running through Britain and its biggest, most ossified turd, Nigel Farage, about to enjoy his 33rd appearance on the show that pretty much created him. This stinks.




Pascale Barrett

I say fire his ass! Lol don’t know why it’s such an issue as everybody knows he will be back on some other radio or television platform just like Kate Moss, Jonathan Ross and all the other who sniff snort or engage their mouths before their brains .. as far as fromage goes he gets far too much exposure!!!


Pete Lawrence

It's an opinion!


Sheryl Garratt

I get your point, and it's a valid one. I agree that Farage gets far too much exposure on the BBC. Question Time seems to have turned into some strange right-wing freak show, where the bigotry of obscure actors and 'personalities' is paraded as entertainment. But there's been a nasty undercurrent to the coverage of Megan and it's pretty clear why. Baker didn't just carelessly retweet a meme. He created it. And there was no sincere apology, just barely credible bluster. As far as I know, he'd not joked about the birth of any other Royal baby, just this one. My friend had to explain that hideous picture to her son, who had seen it online, and been upset by children making chimp noises to him at school. I'm sure she wasn't alone in this. It's hurtful, it's harmful, and people in the media have influence and need to be careful what they put out to their followings. Everything about his history also says to me that he's an intelligent man who should have known better. So when he refused to be contrite or acknowledge the pain he'd caused, I really think he had to go. For what it's worth, I also think he should now be left alone and given some privacy, because the crowing over it is equally graceless.


satkartar Kennedy

I think the BBc are hypocrites....they turned a blind eye to jimmy Saville for years.....and everybody knew about him.....thye dont sack people who are making money for them or very useful..certain people unfortunatly [saville for one!] are untouchable..... I havent met Danny but i really wouldnt think he is a racist ,it was a stupid thing to do & Im sure he didnt think it through...thats twitter/social media for you-it happens....its all been blown out of proportion ...rememeber russell Brand and jonathan ross etc etc... i bet within 10yrs the media will be trashing just wait and see...

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