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Male, Lewes, East Sussex, United Kingdom, birthday 26th May
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David Pope – Writer, Director and Script Consultant.

David is the director of advance films.
He recently completed commission writing the most recent draft of the European co-production feature film TEMPELHOF and is currently commissioned to write international co-production feature film RULIN.
Directing credits include the award winning feature film MILES FROM NOWHERE.

David has worked as script consultant on single projects and slates in US, Europe, Middle East. North Africa and Asia including work with Academy Award and BAFTA nominated producers and screenwriters and national film funds. In 2017/18 four feature films and one TV drama to which David contributed script development services were green lit into production including ‘TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT’ a candidate for Best Foriegn Film Academy Award 2019.

David is the annual consultant / moderator for the Rotterdam Lab at CineMart (International Film Festival Rotterdam) and program director for Stowe Story Labs in the US. In addition David is creative consultant for the Rawi Screenwriting Lab supported by the Royal Film Commission - Jordan and a Screen Specialist Consultant for FOCUS providing script consultancy services for production companies in Scotland supported by Screen Scotland and Scottish Enterprise.

Previous script development and / or training design and delivery clients include:
BFI, UK Film Council, BBC, BAFTA, National Theatre, British Council, Creative Europe, Cannes Cinefondation, Warp Films, Allfilm, Stowe Story Labs, Wajda School, The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, Edinburgh International Film Festival, BFI London Film Festival, Polish Film Institute, Media Business School, UK Film Centre Cannes Film Festival, Short Film Corner Cannes Film Festival, Expression en Corto, FIKE, Film London, Lionhead Studios, Xingu Films, Irish Film Board, FAS Screen Training Ireland, Filmbase, MEDIA, Open Cinema, Jameson Dublin International Film Festival, New Horizons Studio, NPA, NYFA, Estonian Film Institute, London Film Academy and London University.

David was selected as a participant on the British Councils Cultural Leadership International Programme, is a member of the British Councils Creative Economy Pool of Experts and is a fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts.


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Without order and unfinished: Cormac McCarthy, Angela Carter, Donna Tartt, John Crowley, Lewis Hyde, Emily Bronte, Joseph Campbell, Sam Shepherd, Richard Ford, Richard Price, Daniel Woodrell, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Nick Drake, Francis Ford Coppola, Krzysztof Kieślowski, Andrea Arnold, Ken Loach, Hal Ashby, Sidney Lumet, Alan J. Pakula, David Simon, Ken Kesey, Ian McEwan, Welfare State International, Forced Entertainment. TBC.



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Cormac McCarthy has published his first-ever non-fiction science essay in Nautilus magazine. Called “The Kekulé Problem,” it explores the unconscious and the origin of human language.