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Male, Devon, United Kingdom, birthday 20th September
Joined May 2017

Originally from Hackney, East London.
Studied in Bristol and stayed there a long time. Founder member of a housing co-operative.
Perhaps the only graduate in Economics and Accounting to go on and plant trees for a lving.
Intermittently involved in libertarian socialist and anti-nuclear politics.
Worked on the land, in co--operatives and then trained as a teacher.
Worked in further and adult education and then did a Masters in I.T..
Always interested in traditional music, song, dance and festivals.
Always a volunteer in community groups, mostly concerned with the environment.
Moved to central Devon and live in a terrace of ex-estate workers' cottages in an isolated hamlet..
Working for a good work/life balance. Have taught in a prison and in outreach institutions.
Work on the land and have good experfience of Devon style hedgelaying ('hedgesteeping') amd orchard and cider work.
Like wassails and events with fires.
Teach at a university.
Striving for a simple, sustainable life. Have no TV. Wood-fired central heating. Large veg garden. Rascally terrier.
Volunteer for local sustainability group as 'site manager' for a woodland and hedgerow group generally coppicing as a means of obtaining fuel.
Interested in green woodworking.
Main creative interests at present are local singing group and local French/.Breton dancing.


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growing up East London, public school, Conservation volunteer, Leyton Orient, Bristol, WWOOFING, Irish music, co-operatives and community groups, teaching in prison, rural Devon, dance, veg garden, planting trees, orcharding, cider and wassail.


Exeter University, lecturer
Saul's Farm Wembworthy - ground worker, hedgelayer, cidermaker
Exeter Council for Voluntary Services, teacher
HMP Exeter, teacher
Iona Consultants Ltd, owner, software developer


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A social site for a Mid Devon life...

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Dave Dann - Update
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A social site for a Mid Devon life...

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