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Male, Aberteifi, Sir Ceredigion, United Kingdom, birthday 23rd June
Joined October 2016

Learning to read the calligraphy of trees, engineer the invisible and master the alchemy of unbeing

Didn’t educate well but adjusted auto-didactically, constantly challenging, questioning and playfully subverting all dogma or authority. Attracted to music from my earliest recollection, obsessed by the time punk came along.Politically, I can only perceive of a Left leaning, pro-people, compassionate ideology. Born in Radford, Nottingham, brought up on a newly created council estate of flats, the 60’s dream rendered as a concrete 70’s nightmare. In music, literature, film or art, I like to enter the realm between waking and sleeping, where creativity lives and the mind abounds with surprises.

I’ve had a 30 year career as a musician and producer with Zion Train and Sendelica. A participant in Zoviet France, The Suns of Arqa, The Ruts, The Tassili Players, Hyware & and The Powersteppers. Now Consterdine.

My co-pilot on life’s mad journey is Rowena Sunshine Harte, she has two children, 13 and 16 and is also a Campsite Convention Trailblazer. As a primary school teacher, senior manager and post-graduate learner she has a complementary, but better informed, perspective on the nature of establishment education and the reality of learning, than I have. We share the view that, learning, creativity, play and the wonder and awe of our reality is central to a fulfilled and happy existence.

It’s both a brilliant and terrifying time to be an adult, parent and caring, creative person. & I look to the people who really think and care in our culture, who want to speak truth. I want to experience the mad, wonder and exhilarating thrill of existence all the time. I want to be alive and feel it all. I want to live life to the full and contribute to building a decent world for children to grow into.


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Monty Python, Douglas Adams, Alan Moore, Charlie Brooker, Paul Whitehouse, Julia Davis, Adam Curtis, South Park, Sun Ra, King Crimson, The Fall, Morocco Gnawa, High Focus Records, Bill Hicks, King Tubby, Pasolini, Neil Gaiman, George Carlin, Alice Lowe, Chris Morris, J.G. Ballard, Frankie Boyle, Lee Perry, Crass, Throbbing Gristle, Dada, Burroughs, Philip K Dick


Universal Egg, The Glastonbury Festival Kidz Field, Area 43, Community Music Wales, MTV, BBC,.


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