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I'm co-owner / director of an English Language and activity summer school organisation called English Country Schools. We teach English to children aged 7 - 17 but also try to deepen their connection with nature through things like adventure camps, campfires(!) and project-based learning in the outdoors. I love mountain walking, having completed the GR20 Corsica trail, sections of the GR10 and GR11 Pyrenees trail and - last year - the Walkers Haute Route through the Alps from Mont Blanc to The Matterhorn. I'm a new grandparent, which really puts a focus on the future, something I find quite scary under our current climate situation. I'm trying to stay composed about the future, trying to resist dystopian nightmares and searching for a more positive way forward.


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Pete Lawrence

It's a great view. I love looking up in the woods. By the way, it's probably worth pointing out that your status updates will just be sen any your friends. If you choose to 'create a post' instead, it can have much wider reach (Bugle, Projects etc) ... let me know if you'd like a guided tour, Chris


Christopher Etchells

OK - that's useful to know. Thanks Pete. I'll spend a while looking around and getting to know the site better but thanks for being there if I have any questions.


Christopher Etchells

Hi again Pete, I hope you had a good weekend. I have a couple of questions if you don't mind. First, do you have a 'quick guide' or similar to working with Projects? I've created one called Sustainable Education and want to add a list of links to useful resources, but can't see an obvious way to do that. Also, I am being prompted to add a 'lead story' but I'm not sure that that means. Finally, is there a way for the 'bell' updates to be delivered to my mobile / computer as popup notifications? I just think this would keep me more engaged rather than having to remember to log in all the time. Thanks and best wishes, Chris

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