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Male, , birthday 5th August
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I'm co-owner / director of an English Language and activity summer school organisation called English Country Schools. We teach English to children aged 7 - 17 but also try to deepen their connection with nature through things like adventure camps, campfires(!) and project-based learning in the outdoors. I love mountain walking, having completed the GR20 Corsica trail, sections of the GR10 and GR11 Pyrenees trail and - last year - the Walkers Haute Route through the Alps from Mont Blanc to The Matterhorn. I'm a new grandparent, which really puts a focus on the future, something I find quite scary under our current climate situation. I'm trying to stay composed about the future, trying to resist dystopian nightmares and searching for a more positive way forward.


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Christopher Etchells
2 December 2020, 16:32
Sustainable Education
Thursday, 3 December, 2020 - 17:00
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03 January 2021, 9:20
Christopher Etchells
29 November 2020, 08:44
How can we best educate children and teenagers for a sustainable future?
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02 December 2020, 17:02
Christopher Etchells
28 November 2020, 19:04
This project aims to collect ideas and actions on all aspects of sustainable education, from mainstream education through to the best ways of educating children and teenagers in unconventional communities.
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16 June 2020, 20:11