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I retired from paid employment in 2012, after a somewhat mixed career. I worked for about 25 years with people wuith learning difficulties - this was a privilage - and this involved being a care assistant, a student nurse in the big hospitals outside London and in Bristol. Also many years in day car and adult education. I completed a 2 year project (Centre Shot) with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation which ran from 1991 to 1993 and involved using new technology with adults with learning difficulties. Later on I worked in IT in quite a wide range of roles including training, installation, networks and so on.

I have always had some interest in the arts and in fabric especially and I have made many quilts, garments and occasional art pieces, and I still do.

In 2018 I completed a MA degree in Printmaking here in Bristol. From that course I developed a range of laser-cut models/toys and I am involved with that project, now called Miller Toys and Models ( I'm a member (mostly sleeping) of the Green party, and I support the Bristol Cable journalism project (

In May 2019 I joined Cato Press printing studio which is in Easton, Bristol. I have a blog which is mostly concerned with art and craft, showcasing some of my textile and other work.

I have two sons, one has a charming organic food shop in Ross-on-Wye, Field Fayre, the other lives in Bristol with his wife and children and works in IT.

From May 2020: My models are on sale at Miller Toys and .


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Currently: Counterpunch, Al Jazeera, Greens, for politics.
The Bristol Cable for news and local current affairs.
Printmaking Today, Design Week, various museums and galleries for art & craft, especially textile art.
Family and friends in Bristol and around.
Easton Cowboys & Cowgirls at The Plough, Easton, Bristol


Miller Toys and Models, founder, 2018 (formerly MixPly)
MA Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking 2018
Grandparent, 2011, 2013
ITC work 1996-2010, includes network install and maintain, project management, adult tutoring/training.
Day Care Worker 1984-1996
Centre Shot Trust, Director 1991-1996 (Sponsored by The Joseph Rowntree Foundation)
Adult Tutor 1980-1998
Registered Nurse (RMNS), 1980
Electrician 1968............


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Chris Miller
24 August 2019, 19:51

I'm sitting in The Plough in Easton, Bristol, a pub that was my local for many years, many years ago. By some chance I am again living in the house I left 12 years back.  The Plough might be the only pub in the country with a banner over the bar - REFUGEES WELCOME - , and it's busy this evening, mainly with people watching football.

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11 months 4 days ago
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