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Female, Brighton, The City of Brighton and Hove, United Kingdom, birthday 16th May
Joined February 2017

Passion in my late teens was to be an actress but I realised very quickly my temperement couldn't cope with constant rejection at auditions. Moved to London in 1984 having been set free from life in a catholic boarding school...

Thought I wanted to work back stage in theatre/design but ended up working in film distribution in the press office until I took a job offer to work as a creative art buyer in a newly launched 'let's break the boundaries' advertising agency. Not an industry I thought I would ever end up in, but haven't looked back since.

I had a wonderful job of researching and creating some ground breaking campaigns with a plethora of up and coming artists. The job allowed me to express my personality and the people were not judgemental which I found refreshing. Although primarily a very right wing industry this agency embraced my 'left wing tendencies' and christened me Red Cath (or my less preferred nickname, Cathy Kinnock) I had a voice and they listened . I introduced them to some wonderful photographers and illustrators who have now gone on to not only create some thought provoking campaigns, but also funded their personal projects, many of which have been published.

I've always been seen as a 'connector'. I love bringing diverse sets of creative people together and seeing how they interact. Production of shoots is my love.

Moved from London to Brighton 7 years ago with my daughters, now, 15 and 17. Still working in London as have yet to find work locally. A problem I think many DFL's face (Down from London).

More about me later...


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Bowie, King's Road in the 80s, Blitz magazine, The Face magazine, Gil Scott Heron, Reggae, Jazz funk, Piano, Man Ray, Horst, Don McCullin, Diane Arbus, Nancy Honey, Graham Greene, Peter Shaffer, Ian Mcewan, Frank Lloyd Wright, Ray and Charles Eames, Tony Benn, Alan Bennet, Maggie Smith, Mike Leigh, Charlie Brooker, Vivienne Westwood, Orla Keily