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Join us around the Campfire : An ecosystem for changing times.


Why become a Campfire member?

Campfire is an evolving ecosystem based on community and radical participation, on joining the dots and keeping the conversation going. We are a conscious social network working for change in society.

We are building the online network but also recognise the importance of face to face meetings and events. We encourage our members to create their own events.

#About Campfire

We've recently completed a survey on our Facebook group asking members what they felt Campfire should be doing as a priority. The results have provided a good insight into the leading reasons for joining

Campfire already has a social network which was soft launched in autumn 2018 with hundreds of members and is building a ‘pay what you feel’ membership model, which also aims to pau back to its members via a Karma scheme, based on kudos points. 

The current leader board is showing these to be the highest voted:

Campaigns for social change.  Campfire is reporting on and creating resource centres for happenings such as Extinction Rebellion activism and other changemakers.

Local Beacon gatherings. From conversations to music, thinkshops to live action roleplay. #Campfire Beacons

Summer Campouts. Redefining the future of festivals. Using open space format for radical participation allows everyone's voice to be heard. #Open Space

Eco-consciousness. Being part of nature and caring for our planet.

Online networking and building resources. Making the most of our ecosystem to enable connections and resources.

Wellbeing and self development. The change starts with us. Individual and collective balance.

'How to' sessions  Learnshops on how to be a fully qualified active citizen in the 21st century.

Developing our own journalistic voice  Our site magazine The Bugle is developing into a new collective vision for delivering a positive news agenda. 

Sitting around the campfire and being mindful   The campfire is a great leveller and a perfect space for conversation and contemplation.

Firecasts. Our own podcast streaming and news reporting on film.

Here's how Campfire might work for you... 


We'll add a few more suggestions for why you might like to join us:

Learn from others. From our patron Brian Eno to peace activist Scilla Elworthy, George Monbiot to Daniel Pinchbeck, progressive ideas and templates of experience are free-flowing on Campfire.

To feel part of something. We can achieve more together than we can individually. 

To publish and share ideas. Campfire is perfectly set up for citizen journalism - Create a rich mixed-media post, a blog and get your ideas out there. You can embed many forms of rich media in your posts - , videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook etc, audio from Soundcloud, Mixcloud, teaser thumbnails to articles elsewhere on the web and add galleries, maps and hyperlinks at the end

To Portfolio your output. A well-kept secret feature tucked away on Campfire that allows active members to select what articles and Projects they wish to promote.

Karma scheme - paying back to members by valuing their engagement and contribution to the community via Kudos ranking. 

Our membership model is based around a 'pay what you feel' ethos. It isn't about 'what can I get from this?'. It's about 'how can build something amazing together?'

We are planning to crowfund an initiative in early 2019 to upgrade our software (long overdue!) and to start to assemble an editorial team.

Without membership contributions, Campfire won't be able to keep doing what it is doing, so if you're feeling this,  please come and join us!  

Let's create sparks together! 

In August 2019 we will be convening in Frome, Somerset for a 5-day Campout which will include open space radical participation, speakers, panellists, music, wellbeing, 'how to' sessions and much more... We will be starting to announce our partners in the next few weeks.




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