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Campfire Voice
17 November 2019, 12:04

Ahead of its general election manifesto launch on Thursday, Labour has this week unveiled its offer of free broadband for everyone. 

Campfire Voice
12 November 2019, 18:07
"Boris doesn’t give a sh** about climate change" says ex-police chief superintendent Rob Cooper, who is a member of Extinction Rebellion. In this extensive interview with Campfire’s firestarter Pete Lawrence, Cooper talks in detail about the impact of rebellion so far, the policing, the urgent need for governmental commitment followed by action and the upcoming general election.
Campfire Voice
31 October 2019, 10:01
At Campout 2019 in Frome, UK, Brett Hennig convened Campfire's first peoples' assembly and presented the idea of how citizens assemblies and the sortition selection process provide a model for an ideal democracy.
Campfire Voice
12 October 2019, 17:22
Roger Hallam gave what some might consider a controversial speech at Campout 2019 just over a month ago, entitled 'Emergency means Prison' and detailing why "we are fucked" and what we can do about it. Judging by many Campfirers responses, the call to arms has been hugely motivational and came just weeks before many of us were back on the streets of London, peacefully campaigning for urgent action after feeling that we'd been betrayed by a government that is still supporting fossil fuel industries. Radical action is now needed to avoid catastrophe and Extinction Rebellion is leading the way in waking up the world.
Campfire Voice
6 October 2019, 13:50
Pete Lawrence's rough cut version of his film Campout 2019, featuring XR co-founder Roger Hallam, Jo Berry's inspiring talk in reconciliation, Theo Simon arguing that kindness is the only solution, Peter Macfadyen on Frome politics, Brett Hennig convenes Campfire's first citizens assembly, plus Michelle Preston, Lynne Franks, Mac Macartney, Jamie Kelsey Fry, Alison Murdoch, Vicki Burke, Bob Hillary, Boudicca's Child, Beth Edwards, alucidnation, Facing The Ocean, Borrowed Light, Julia Palmer-Price, Sarah Jewell's Rebel Chorus, Joanna Harvey, Julie Oldfield, Liv Torc, Tara Greaves Circle Dance, Sophie Bolton and many more. Mostly shot on iPhone and edited in iMovie.
Campfire Voice
22 August 2019, 22:05
Conceived and held by psyche coach Laurie Pyne, the latest addition to Campout 2019's list of attractions may be leftfield, but it is potentially the most powerful contribution to the event's potential for upheaval and catharsis.
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14 August 2019, 8:42
Campfire Voice
12 August 2019, 10:43
This evolving camping checklist first saw the light of day in the 1990s in On magazine, then served The Big Chill well for some years before being modified for Campfire Convention. It's a work-in-progress so please feel free to add your own suggestions
Campfire Voice
6 August 2019, 12:01
The direct lineage between the Chill and the Campfire is all about connecting people, celebrating life and making a better world. There is already much demand for a Little Chill # 2 for next summer, but don’t wait until then, get along to 'Campout 2019’ to meet some like minded individuals and connect with your surroundings in a socially dynamic environment.It'll be fun and energising too...
Campfire Voice
18 July 2019, 11:13
Summer has arrived and we are getting excited about our Little Chill event in the Sussex South Downs next weekend. We have just released a downloadable PDF of the weekend's programme including schedules, site information and links to artists pages. Music, talks, yoga, wellbeing, a campfire and a wide selection of food and drinks are on offer at this intimate event.