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Calling Campfire Volunteers


Having a network that is member led is really inspiring; we create the content for Campfire, we are the people that meet up in Beacons, we are the people that through our actions can contribute towards making a difference.

For me one of the first things that impressed me about Campfire Convention was the ethos behind it and the values that drive it. They immediately resonated with my own experience, beliefs and values around the benefits of being in community. In my therapeutic work, one of the commonalties I see in my clients is disconnection and alienation. This is backed up by the latest research that shows that the millennial generation suffers from a 30% drop in empathy and social skills from the technological isolation that comes with living digital lifestyle online.

Yes, Campfire is an online portal, but that is only part of the story. For me it is about using the online space to share information, read articles and think pieces and to be inspired by what others are doing to make a difference, then taking that back into our real world communities through beacons and projects. Finding community in both the virtual and real spheres is a counter point for that disconnection that is more and more prevalent in today world.

I also think that having a network that is member led is really inspiring; we create the content for Campfire, we are the people that meet up in Beacons, we are the people that through our actions can contribute towards making a difference.

Campfire is truly a place to ‘find the others’, to find inspiration through contribution and connection. Campfire by its very democratic nature will be moulded by the people that get involved. To have a platform that anyone can contribute to and help shape, being open to all, is a something that is really special in this day and age, for me it is increasing the quality of the connections that we could have available to us, something that is often lacking.

I first met @Pete Lawrence when he was running the Big Chill at Union Chapel. Looking back now I can see that what The Big Chill was more than just a club and art space; it was a community of people from artists, musicians, DJ’s, VJ’s, coming together at a monthly space to be with like-minded others. Out of that friendships were formed, collaborations were created, conversations were started, in many ways that community was an ancestor to what Campfire is now.

Reconnecting to Pete through Campfire and seeing the possibilities that this project has to offer, and how it mirrored my own beliefs about how in community, there is a real potential to make change. It was really inspiring.

I asked Pete how I could help support Campfire and he invited me to be part of the Steering Committee, and this is an invitation that we are sharing with you now.

The Steering Committee is an example of the power of collective intelligence leading to generative collaboration. It is open to all of us to come and help guide and steer Campfire while offering our own uniqueness to support the mission and vision of Campfire.

We are at the point now that in order for Campfire to grow, we need your input. I have the utmost respect for the determination and vision that Pete has brought into the world, and he (it) needs our support to take it to help sustain its growth and development.  

We are moving into an exciting period for Campfire Convention, as we set it up as a new social enterprise and develop sustainable plans for the future.

So, to enable us to move things forward as quickly as possible this is an open invitation for you to join the steering committee, and begin to mobilize our Campfire Circles and turning ideas into practical realities.

We'd love some hands-on collaborative, fun, light-touch help with the following key knowledge areas:

  • Project management
  • Fund-raising/Income generation
  • Community engagement
  • Evaluation
  • Facilitation
  • Financial management
  • Organisational structures
  • Comms/PR
  • Events

This list is not exclusive, anyone can take part no matter what your background, profession or skill set all of you will have something unique to offer the group.

So what does joining the steering committee involve?

We're meeting via zoom every fortnight with a prepared agenda for a well-facilitated Campfire hour. The agenda is set by the members and topics range from how to create the social enterprise, to what the role of the beacons are, to what does collaboration look like in practice.

All that we are asking is that you are willing to participate, willing to offer some of your time with an open mind and a desire to contribute.





Dana Amma-Day

Loving Campfire Convention here to help in anyway I can x


.. ..

Great @Dana Amma Day (Dana-Amma-Day)@ .. We'll let you know when the next Zoom is.


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Hi @Dana Amma-Day Can you make a Zoom at 9am on either the 15th or 18th of June?

Can you email me at if you can make those dates....

The plan for the Zoom is to have a meet and greet and discuss how we can support campfire. Be lovely to have you on board.

( @Pete Lawrence )

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