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I have had two careers in parallel, one as an academic and teacher and the other as a therapist and a trainer of therapists. I am now semi-retired as a therapist but teach postgraduate courses to physical therapists of many types in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, France, Italy, Spain, Finland, Greece, Israel and Australia.
My passion in both careers has been to help people understand themselves and the world around them, to take responsibility for their health and learning, not to trust what they are told until they can experience it for themselves and to make the best of what they have rather than searching for what they lack.

As a therapist I have been particularly interested in working with two groups: children with developmental difficulties and older people. Both groups are often viewed as being disabled. I have been developing a way of working that focuses on what people can do rather than what they lack and helping people to feel empowered in their abilities rather than a victim to their disabilities.

This has led to the founding of Elderventure in Frome: a group of older people who are exploring the abilities that they have as elders in society, sharing and supporting each other in the process of ageing and encouraging intergenerational projects.

I am a founder and trustee of Fair Housing for Frome with special responsibility for developing Shared Living and Home Sharing in Frome and also a trustee of OpenStoryTellers which facilitates people with learning disability to feel they are a valued and equal part of the community through story telling and the development of co-led social enterprises.


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- Love of the natural world and sadness at how we treat it
- Music, music, music
- The beauty of people sharing authentically - how we could be



Bill Palmer
14 February 2020, 10:56
A mobile app for people who want to share their knowledge and skills to get in touch with people who want to learn.
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27 November 2018, 22:45
Bill Palmer
23 November 2018, 15:04
Elderventure recently invited Daniel Korner to give a one day workshop on the collaborative processes of Dragon Dreaming. I took part and was one of the group who explored collaborative dreaming applied to the Extinction Rebellion. I'm writing this because I think it may be a useful process for local groups. Essentially, the process takes a dream, an inspiration, an idea and then a group process modifies or adds to it so that every member of the group totally owns it.
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30 October 2018, 18:26
Bill Palmer
27 October 2018, 18:51
Because of our greed and lack of awareness, vast areas of the planet are being made uninhabitable. Drinking water is running out, droughts will be commonplace and the aquifers are emptying. Basically there are far too many of us. The fragile 'civilisation' we live in is not sustainable. This article describes how the future might go after the collapse that seems inevitable.
Bill Palmer
27 October 2018, 18:39
This is a rare opportunity to learn the art of collaboration. Dragon Dreaming is a model of how we can work collaboratively on projects. It energises the group by respecting and valuing everyone’s input and has great methods of avoiding many of the dynamics that make a group dysfunctional. Daniel Korner, who will run this workshop, is an inspiring facilitator who lives what he teaches. If you want to read more, go to their website at
Saturday, 3 November, 2018 - 09:00