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Female, Reading, Reading, United Kingdom, birthday 12th August
Joined January 2017

I've spent most of my adult life working in media technology during which time I have developed a passion for creative tech. I'm also keen on using creativity and technology in education and frequently seek out new resources to engage and inspire my two children. I believe we are both teachers and students for life.

I am a member of the Labour party and joined in 2015 when I was deeply inspired by Jeremy and his vision for a new and socially conscious Britain. Prior to this I had never joined a political party and only started voting when I was in my 30s. I believe the Labour party under Jeremy has completely transformed and I look forward to seeing it evolve during his leadership of the party.


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Ralph Pettingill and commented or likes
05 September 2017, 22:54
Azka Malik
4 September 2017, 16:29
Some very interesting social media platforms have been gaining popularity recently. The most popular of these rewards users for posting; rewards are based on whether posts are original content or curated works. Users receive reputation points that can be 'up-voted' or 'down-voted' and reputation points can be converted to physical money via digital intermediaries such as Steem dollars. While I think this is an interesting approach, I am no advocate. It's still early days....
Michelle Spriddell and commented or likes
28 January 2018, 19:11
Azka Malik
23 March 2017, 19:33
This project is about a screening of a 2010 american documentary on the effects of plastic packaging on our environment, see