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there is no wifi on the river, but you get a much better connection!


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13 January 2017, 14:29
Aubrey Fry
13 January 2017, 11:24
Two shots of an otter on the fishery @ Racquety Farm
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08 September 2017, 21:46
Aubrey Fry
12 January 2017, 18:30
Winter is a great time to go for a Canoe Camp as you never have an excuse not to light the fire and keep yourself busy!
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15 August 2019, 10:37
Aubrey Fry
12 January 2017, 18:11
The River Wye has over 100 miles of year round navigation between Hay-on-Wye and Chepstow. The birthplace of the canoe camp in the UK.
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12 January 2017, 15:42
Aubrey Fry
12 January 2017, 15:03
The annual Canoe Fest from the Open Canoe Association will be hosted on Racquety Farm this year in association with "want to canoe?"
Friday, 26 May, 2017 - 09:00