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Male, Sheepy Magna, Leicestershire, United Kingdom, birthday 1st December
Joined August 2016

PEOPLE: Event Manager, Trainer, Facilitator and Business Consultant

PLACES: Expedition Leader and Technical Adviser; British Exploring Society

PLAY: Music Promoter and Festival Manager; Flying Tomato Music

PASSION: Trustee and Director for CCTA and The Grand Pavilion

LinkedIn: Public Profile

Website: Andie Brazewell

OVERVIEW – I am a creative strategic business consultant, management trainer, facilitator, expedition leader and event manager with over 25 years experience. Projects and events I am currently involved in can be found below and here.

PEOPLE – My experience includes strategic planning and implementation, being a key player in setting up a number of new start businesses that includes Stunt Challenge, Basecamp Festival, Journeys of Life, the Grand Pavilion and most recently, Garlands Corporate.

Extensive knowledge of designing training programmes to support strategic development with a wide variety of clients: national training award winning management and leadership development programmes in the public and private sectors. I am people focused, development led and objective driven.

Grand Canyon Expedition 2005

PLACES – A keen conservationist and explorer, I have organised and led worldwide scientific and adventure expeditions for people of all ages, background and cultures for over 25 years. Linking global communities for adventure, personal development and a shared experience. Whether mountain, desert, ocean, rainforest, taiga, steppe or underground; by foot, camel, horse, vehicle, train, boat, bike, wings or skis, I believe in getting out there with like minded people. Places and people I have linked with:, 50 Good Turns with Paula Reid - I'm her good deeds coordinator!

Mortdelemar at the Rock Face

PLAY – I dedicate much of my time to promote live music locally and nationally through festivals and events. I also offer my services as an experienced event manager, sound and lighting engineer to a number of good causes for live music, performance and community development. See further information here:,,, campfire convention

PASSION – I offer my services to a number of local charities and organisations who do good work for the community and the wider world. I was made mayor of San Martin de Tepischa village in 2012, working with this small community to develop many local projects. I have linked with a ground breaking orphanage in Rwanda and a day care centre in Mongolia. I am a Trustee for a local Derbyshire cancer charity CCTA and was a councillor on Bonsall Parish Council for four years to 2011. Director and trusteee for charity committed to developing the arts and entertainment centre ‘The Grand Pavilion’ – see further information here:,

The Grand Pavilion Theatre


That’s enough about me, get in touch if you have any similar interests...


Key Skills





People: The Dalai Lama, Native American Indians

Places: Mongolia, Tanzania, Grand Canyon

Play: Music

Passion: Many charitable causes


Business Development Manager - Garlands Corporate
Basecamp Festival Manager
Expedition Leader & Advisor

Charitable Work:
Director: The Grand Pavilion
Trustee: Challenge Cancer Through Adventure
Coordinator - Paula Reid's 50 Good Turns

Head of Events: The Grand Pavilion
Freelance: Business Consultant, Facilitator, Event Manager, Expedition Leader
Senior Business Consultant: Unique Solutions


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