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Female, , birthday 5th May
Joined December 2018

I'm a forager, intuitive herbalist, nature lover.
Love to dance and feel the rhythm of life.
Big dog lover- love the big guys and how they wrap their souls around us humans.
Passion for big skies, night clouds, baking, growing, feasting, some running. Feeling the power. Blazing fires.
I have a big Reggae collection from when I was a youth. Love it.. I love music and feel great connection with music as a uniting force for people.
Ive renovated many houses and am just embarking in a project in Glastonbury, a large iconic building full of character which I'm finding exciting.
My grown up kids are some of my dearest friends and feel blessed by our relationship.
Love iconic furniture, textiles and colors.


Key Skills





The weather.
The dog.
My instincts.
Natures voices.


Ive worked for charities across the Mendips for 15 years, specializing in helping victims of abuse and complex issues. Ive have been a sports therapist and body worker.


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