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I am a nearly fifty year old author, writer, public speaker, educator and equalities activist. I've been a pagan worshipping the Earth since I was 13, and have studied and taught pagan ways. I have studied complementary therapies, including herbalism and magickal herbalism, aromatherapy, reflexology, natural remedies, Reiki, massage and complementary therapies for midwives. I am a midwife, nurse, professor and researcher. I am a novelist with two published novels so far. I research and write about narratives, women's lives, people's lives and empowered living, as well as reproductive health and parenting. I believe in trying to live the best life I can. I'm vegan and I love to cook. I used to be a chef, a long time ago, and I am great at making good food out of basic ingredients and living economically. I hate waste. I love to be outdoors and to camp, and I love to spend time with others who find their peace being in nature. I'm also an equalities activist and have been for some time, particularly for inclusive education but really for equality across the spectrum, and in particular, for LGBT+ people. I am married to a librarian and I absolutely love books and reading. In my material life, I am a career-driven academic striving to use her powers for good! I like to inspire people and to help them to see their own potential and power, and how to live in harmony with others. I am part of a local interfaith forum where I live in Swansea, and I crave community.


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Justice and injustice
Nature and the natural world
Honesty and integrity



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