Alastair McGowan
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Male, , birthday 6th March
Joined March 2018

Self-employment advocate; be no-one's slave and no-one's master; but don't do evil - don't do capitalism. Active artisan stonemason, but deeper interests in cognition and mind - particularly regarding how we make things with our hearts hands and heads and the culture in which this technos is fostered and sustained. Focused on appropriate technologies skills and culture for making and maintaining sustainable living nurturing shelter and space. I engage in music as a healing and social activity. An advocate of bodywork, in particular Rolfing and bioenergetics practices. An advocate for new economics to explore Georgism, Universal Basic Income, money transaction taxation or negative interest money, among other aspects of an economy for a creative egalitarian world.


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Writers who convince me of yet more good ideas that are all heading towards a positive synthesis. People who give more than they take. Those who demonstrate compassion for people and sentient beings who suffer and who attempt to understand those who in their pain would have us all suffer; Trump and Putin are not bad men they are damaged and deluded, we can heal them. The Romantics and the Hippies; they pointed away from dystopia towards other paths we could take. Activists who boldly cross lines