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I make up tunes and play them on a guitar; on a good day people give me money. Quite often I tell silly stories as well. Americans have been good to me, so mostly I work there. I've done a lot of tech stuff along the way and spent five years in the musical instrument industry working on guitars and demonstrating them at trade shows in the UK, mainland Europe and America.
Tour dates, CD releases and that kind of thing are usually at or on my Facebook page
The CDs that survive and more recent works are at CD Baby. They are also available as downloads. The most recent is a live double CD,

Since then a splendid Lorenzo the Magnificent stepped up in Toronto, put together the finance and an expert production team, and we've finally cut the video footage shot at the same time as the Live CD into a DVD. It's at CD Baby.
My Truefire courses are at



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Adrian Legg - Update
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Adrian Legg - Update
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Adrian Legg - Update
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For this exclusive take on "Midwest Sundway," Adrian Legg plays...