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The victory of Donald Trump is being met with shock, fear, and anger. Especially for immigrants, muslims, people of colour, women, and other oppressed people who Trump has singled out for attack, the question of how to defend themselves against the coming attacks is sharply posed.

A wave of demonstrations is being organized worldwide to fight back against Trump. These protests have the potential to galvanise millions into a massive grassroots movement. 

We reap what we sow, in the US and the UK

Many of those who were up in the dark hours of this morning might well have felt that oh so familiar sinking feeling in their stomachs. I'm no pollster or pundit, but I didn't get that feeling afresh this time, because I was prepared. I've had that sinking feeling for a very long time.

The election of Donald Trump as US president had a cruel inevitability about it. Sure, it was close. Just like the EU referendum result was close. And that's not all the two polls have in common.