Dare to declare capitalism dead – before it takes us all down with it

For most of my adult life I’ve railed against “corporate capitalism”, “consumer capitalism” and “crony capitalism”. It took me a long time to see that the problem is not the adjective but the noun. While some people have rejected capitalism gladly and swiftly, I’ve done so slowly and reluctantly. Part of the reason was that I could see no clear alternative: unlike some anti-capitalists, I have never been an enthusiast for state communism. I was also inhibited by its religious status.

Postcapitalist reference

The rise of information technology has pushed capitalism beyond its capacity to adapt by dissolving markets, destroying ownership and breaking down the relationship between work and wages. As stagnation leads to social crisis, armed conflict and the erosion of democracy, a more dynamic force will emerge to reshape the economy around new values.

Entering the post capitalist era

Any new thinking that is described by The Telegraph as "deeply misguided" must be worth at least a second look and that's certainly the case for postcapitalist theory. Paul Mason's book, published in early 2016 sets out its stall and offers a variety of perspectives - economically, socially and politically - arguaing the case that it is time to move forward and adopt new models. Mason's conclusions point to a point in time when we should be seeking ways of ushering in the postcapitalist economy by :

- Ditching neoliberalism

- Suppressing high finance