Frome Beacon

Frome Beacon Book Club recommendations : January 2020

Campfire's Frome Beacon launched its first prototype book club on January 26th with author and environmentalist Natalie Fee as our first speaker.

Natalie's own book 'How To Save The World For Free' was published last autumn and is well worth checking out via her own website.

"It's quite entry-level, but I've had good feedback from people who are heavyweight too" said Natalie. 

Frome Beacon burns bright in October

Resisting the urge to hunker down in front of the log burner on a dark October night, hearty Campfire folks from Frome and further afield, traipsed along to the Cornerhouse and made themselves at home in the welcoming upstairs lounge.

Munching pies and fries, we listened as Sian kicked off by asking us to consider what we want from a Frome Beacon, noting that if this particular one becomes really active, then it could serve as a template and inspiration for other Beacons.

Frome Beacon : January meeting with speaker Will Gethin and People's Assembly discussion

Will Gethin will be sharing insights for following your bliss and for applying The Hero’s Journey as a map for living and transformation.

We will also discuss whether Frome should form its own Citizen's Assembly, a concept being touted by many as possibly the only option to solve the Brexit impasse. 

The talk by Will Gethin will be followed by group conversations arising from the talk. There will then be opportunites for other topics you may like to bring along to discuss. This will include a discussion on a Citizen's Assembly for Frome led by Vicki Burke.

Frome Beacon : People's meeting in November


Connecting : Listening : Learning : Exploring : Inspiring


Campfire’s Frome Beacon is reconvening in November with the first of a series of monthly people’s meetings on the last Sunday of every month, which will (if all goes to plan) culminate in a 5-day Campout retreat just outside Frome at the end of August.

We would like to thank Peter and Annabelle Macfadyen for offering to host our November gathering at their house in Nunney Road on Sunday 25th November 3pm-6.30pm.