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Campfire Voice - 04 Apr 2021


An exciting new major feature for Campfire which will be unveiled as part of the new site (any day now!) is our radio station, The Light Service. 

Already test transmitting, it will run through Spring in parallel with the new site. We are currently building up a range of playlists and idents, which will form the basis of our shows. 
The Lighthouse Keeper (ambient and chill), The Prog Show (progressive rock), Shepherds Delight with Captain Pugwash (folk), Global Beams (world music), Fab Gear (flower-power pop) and soul, reggae, disco and classical sessions are already live. 

There will be a good helping of spoken words content ranging from our Lighthouse For Learning, with classic archived Campfire talks from the likes of Charles Eisenstein, Kate Raworth and Jamie Catto through Julie Horsley's regular Lovelight meditations on weekday mornings. We're also planning to broadcast podcasts from Sue Brayne and the Great Humbling (Ed Gillespie and Dougald Hine).

We are already offering regular shows or classic mixes from the likes of Bruce Bickerton, Dansette Dave's Campfire Alternative, Susan Linton, Matt Coldrick,  Mixmaster Morris and Seb Taylor (Kaya Project). 

We are looking for ideas for new shows as well as volunteers for editing, admin and anything else we haven't yet thought of.

Test Transmissions 




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