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Pete Lawrence - 06 Jan 2021


On January 2nd, 2021, Sheila Darmos from the Southern Lights regenerative agroforestry project in the Peloponnese was our guest speaker.....

Here is the recording:


Southern Lights is an amazing regenerative project in the Peloponnese in Greece......

"An educational and land stewardship non-profit organisation that actively regenerates eco-systems in which people, inspired by nature, create and maintain healthy and abundant livelihoods. Our work is to empower people of all ages and backgrounds with knowledge, skills, and inspiration essential to cultivating regenerative habitats, inhabitants and habits, while enhancing their professional capabilities to initiate their own projects and/or businesses. We focus on the areas of: permaculture, agroforestry, regenerative farming, non-violent communication, natural building, healthy nutrition and movement, renewable energy solutions. 

The Southern Lights is a non-profit organization based in the South of Peloponnese in Greece in a beautiful agroforestry farm. Our mission is to spread knowledge, techniques and the mindset for regenerative practices in all domains of human activity. Through workshops, networking and building active and alive examples of regenerative practices in close collaboration with other organizations, public entities and ecological enterprises. A small piece of paradise. Near the ocean. A journey begins. About loaded particles. People. Coming together with the will to change everything. This is our journey. Have you seen what happens in the Sky, when loaded particles created by the earth and the sun collide. A miraculous light spectacle appears up in the sky near the poles of the earth. dancing lights. to the music of the universe. this spectacle can not be seen from where we are. but what happens when humans likewise loaded, with passion and curiosity, come together. the miracle begins. aurora Let us come together. Let us listen to each other. learn from each other. inspire each other. empower each other. let's create together. resilient networks. self-reliant networks. let us create places of abundance. forests of fruits and food for thoughts. and let us amaze each other. create lights that shine far beyond the sky. let us love each other. ourselves. without conditions. let us find peace and let us listen inside us. come to us. and see, it was there all along. the beauty and the strength. to change everything. "

This weekend, Aliki Ko founder of "Conscious Gems"will be the guest speaker on our Eco-village networking meeting on January 9. 

The vision is based around connecting promadic travellers, entrepreneurs and digital nomads, business folks with earth based communities, and with sacred ceremonial mythic sites in the earth..

Jason Hine says "..I think the vision of having rooted residents in communities and travelling entrepreneurs who have a stake in the whole grid is a powerful one...This may be a key part of how some communities and eco-village networks connected by travelling caravans of semi-nomads, who have a stake in the community or network can be funded and operate..."



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