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Pete Lawrence - 20 May 2020


First outing since lockdown in Bessy, aka the Magical Adventure House and we were lucky enough to have a glorious warm, sunny day. An early cycle ride then a morning of Zoom calls and catching up followed by a walk up the hill to the mysterious Buckland Beacon, unaware of the ten commandments that have been written into the stones there... 

"Buckland Beacon stands at a lofty height of 1,253ft (382m) and is one of the chain of Dartmoor frontier heights which was and is used as a fire beacon. It is said that the Spanish Armarda was spotted from this very lofty height. An inscription on a rock records that it was used in 1935. It reads: “Buckland Beacon. A beacon fire one of a chain lit here by the Parishioners of Buckland-in-the-Moor in celebration of their Majesties’ silver jubilee May 6th 1935. And the people shouted and said ‘God save the King.” Buckland Beacon was part of the fire chain of beacons for both the Millennium and Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee celebrations." (Legendary Dartmoor)

We were also intrigued by the nearby outcrop above Welstor Rock ... not much available online about those stones.

We will be back.

The views from Dartmoor down to the coast and across the Teign estuary were stunning ....

Unfortunately no overnight stopover as a police car had already pulled up to ask where we were from and where our 'primary residence' was, so we headed back down to Teignmouth - a relatively short journey down the hill.



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