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Pete Lawrence - 26 Apr 2020


New transmissions are exposing the outmoded old paradigms of news dissemination. With finely tuned awareness, our receptors can now pick up, debug and reprogramme choices of what we consume, what we participate in and our intentions that follow.

Any casual observer of the mainstream media in the UK in recent days won't have failed to notice that the narrative has shifted - from the war rhetoric of last month to one that offers dreams of the Great Escape, of exit from a story of imposed imprisonment and of the allure of seeking anything other than here. This all pervasive script leaves an imprint that digs deep into the psyche of those who choose to consume this kind of "news".

There has been much talk is of a 'new normal', of 'exit strategy' and any stock phrase that politicians can latch onto to reinforce the idea that we are contained, we are limited, we desperately need to break free.  They do not want us to think too much, in case our imaginations fire up and realise that the old normal was the cause of most of our current predicament and much of the woes that are around the corner, particularly in relation to it possibly dawning on us that those who are 'leading' us are doing it for reasons other than putting the planet first. 

This clip from Eddie Mair's LBC show, a poignant put-down of Government business secretary Alok Sharma from last week's government press briefings is just one example of the disdain with which those in so-called authority are treating the general public - by totally avoiding the questions and robotically trotting out heartless stock phrases. This has been happening for a while now, but never more obviously than in this Tory party era of 'strong and stable' messaging. But just how conscious (or unconscious) are these programmed messengers? 

If I might offer an alternative (and possibly controversial) angle on the social effects of this virus, it's that my own experience isn't about a feeling of being trapped. It's actually about liberation.

Disclaimer : Admittedly I am lucky enough to be cocooned during lock-down in a house with a garden, not far from the sea where the air is generally fresher anyway, but at the moment where the freshness of the breeze, the song of the birds, the greenness of the new shoots of spring have been a revelation unlike any other time.  For the avoidance of doubt, it's worth reiterating that in many respects I don't take for granted my privileged position compared to those who might be in a small flat, with young children, with elderly and fragile relatives, or in a care home or other institution. 

My liberation isn't just about the glimpse into the future that I have been offered.  A future where we tune our receptors and transmitters to a new frequency - where we shift from service-to-self to  service-to-all beings that includes protecting our beloved planet, a future where universal basic income liberates us from drudgery, a future where jobs are about the Joy of Being rather than the necessity of dead-end zero hours, making-ends-meet employment that we might take through unresolved wounded-ness or fear; a future liberated from industrialised pollution where we are no longer afraid to breathe deeply; a future where we find leadership and worth from within.  A future that sees us stepping into our sovereignty and wisdom, creating a new radical kind of Self-employment derived from the highest octave versions of our-Selves;  a future where a grand correction ensures that wellbeing for all is put ahead of vast profit for an elite few. I dream of a new world order where the 'peaceful become powerful and the powerful become peaceful' - to quote a friend. I feel we are all worthy and capable of rising to the opportunity to create a world founded on love rather than fear. A world where we see ourselves as stewards, custodians and protectors of this sacred planet and where we can relate to ourselves and fellow humans in a more benevolent and compassionate way. 

My liberation is more about a recognition of the vitality and essence of living NOW. About being unequivocally in the moment, undeniably in the gratitude that I am expressing daily. That's not to diminish in any way the fact that the world faces what are likely to be unprecedented challenges around global famine, food supply, monetary systems, pestilence and climate breakdown.

As I said in my Campfire clarion call "In lock-down everything has been brought into sharp focus and is creating a new kind of energetic synergy. There’s a strong whiff of self-organising intelligence in the air. Here at Campfire, we are now exploring new partnership and collaborative opportunities with those trusted individuals and organisations who’re aligned with the ethos and values of our member-led conscious social network and who are also working in service and for social change and in reverence to people and planet.  In this way we can move together in synergy (whereas in the old paradigm we might have wasted energy competing)." 

It is exactly this maverick energy that most old-paradigm governments can't allow to happen. It threatens everything the imposters have built their castles on, the fabric of the cloth they cut to shape their tailored reality as we move towards the cliff edge. It's the sort of rogue spirit that, as it rises, casts out fear and control, moves in self-organising synergy. It's a direct and immediate threat to the established order. 

Our time is now. The more we can build new concepts, frame new language, paint new pictures, allow our imagination to build new castles in the air (rather than on solid ground), the more we can move towards a world that evolves from these NOW moments of reflection, of lucid thinking, of realisation that major shifts are unfolding and are capable of leading to a domino effect. Now that we can't scuttle about like rabbits in the headlights, we have an opportunity to truly embrace the transformative power of stillness and from this calm, contained place, we can connect more deeply with what we are here to do as a uniquely gifted fractal of the whole and working for the greater good of all beings.. As a friend posted last week on Zuckerbook: "Many of the senior male executives I coach/mentor are going through an unquestionable and profound shift in themselves. This can be captured in one sentence a client spoke recently to me. He is, or was a 12-16 hour a day workaholic, constantly on aeroplanes: He said "I cannot believe how seriously I have been taking my work, and it's not as if it really even makes the world a better place....."  

You may be reading this and thinking that we are powerless to bring about real change. But the world is changing fast (who'd imagined we would have Extinction Rebellion or Covid-19 two years ago?). There is a realisation that we are in a collective awakening. Now, every conversation can make a difference, every heart-centred wish can shape a new reality. How that translates into a reset - the new social, economic and political blueprints,  is surely something that can inspire more of us to be acting creatively in the moment. 

Now IS the new normal. For me, this is all about the invitation to find the calm freedom of expansion within the limited space of containment.




Josie Kemp

What an amazing insight into what is going on. This resonates with almost every thought I have had over the last seven days. Indeed, the collective awakening is rising from an uneasy slumber. It is our job (my job) to shake others gently awake to the new positivity. Thank you Pete and blessings x

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