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Campfire Voice - 25 Apr 2020


SATURDAY APRIL 25th 2020 : Sparks 107 : Sign Of The Times / Newsletter written by Campfire's Firestarter Pete Lawrence

I tend to see Campfire as a murmuration. A wonder of nature capable of gathering spontaneous direction and connection at whim, in a variety of formations and locations, ebbing and flowing in new and different directions and transmuting potential in all sorts of previously unimagined ways.

The world has changed and won't and can't go back to 'normal'. The old way was what caused the issue. The more we get into the creative aspects of ourselves and ask what will unfold and what we can create together, the more this fractal energy of goodwill has exponential potential. An energy that can reach outwards in ever-increasing ripples that influence the wider collective through synchronicity and word of mouth. One that can create an abundance that is very much more powerful than scales of profitability.

Now IS the new normal. 

There is an uncomfortable transition and global mutation underway right now and ultimately, structures and systems built on a foundation of fear and artificial scarcity will, by their very nature, crumble. We are witnessing, day by day, the house of cards as it falls.

Oscillating between fascination and bewilderment, we find ourselves in a liminal containment, peering over a shifting and mutating cliff edge in each and every moment.

Campfire pioneered open space for its events two years ago. It was liminal in its spirit. What we are in now collectively feels like a vast campfire open space where no one quite knows what is next.

In lockdown everything has been brought into sharp focus and is creating a new kind of energetic synergy. There’s a strong whiff of self-organising intelligence in the air. A new general will? Here at Campfire, we are now exploring new partnership and collaborative opportunities with those trusted individuals and organisations who’re aligned with the ethos and values of our member-led conscious social network and who are also working in service for social change, in reverence to people and planet. In this way we can move together in synergy (whereas in the old paradigm we might have wasted energy competing). As we all pause and reflect on our purpose and what gives us joy…we ask if there are any unexpressed gifts that Campfire community can help you share?

Everything is emergent



We have also revamped and updated our Ethos and Values

We welcome your feedback. "The intention is that this framework commitment is a continuous rolling wave of expression for our vision and what we believe in and stand for. Actually, it is more than a Luminous Vision. It is a murmuration. Moving, dancing, shapeshifting and interconnecting with a unique intelligence, the flexibility of spontaneity, clarity of purpose and cohesion. This is a time for a new way of being. A new paradigm template model is also giving birth to a new language, new forms of expression."


Ethos and Values


"If, as a species, we all took a little more time feeling comfortable with not really knowing, and feeling comfortable with knowing that everybody else is in the same boat, we might find that we are a happier bunch, more willing to trust each other, more willing to learn from each other and engage in humane dialogue that respects the views of the persons we are in dialogue with. I, for sure, could do more of that.Read More >>

Dan Hurring


Everything has changed under lockdown, not least music making. While Facebook Live is virtually groaning under the weight of solo melodeon players and sundry others hosting inspired 'at home' broadcasts, many of us are pondering how the technology might unfold. Richard Eteson explores possibilities. Read More >>

Lockdown music


Julie Horsley introduces Campfire's 'Lighthouse For Learning' concept "Old paradigm systems are crumbling in ways that have never been witnessed before.  For the emergent New World Order it is pretty clear that we need new ways of learning and sharing knowledge. Experiential learning that honours each and every one of us in our uniqueness of learning needs and wishes. That is more of a co-mingling and co-journeying than that of teacher and student."  Read More >>



Charles Eisenstein's celebrated essay: "Now the question arises: Initiation into what? What is the specific nature and purpose of this initiation? The popular name for the pandemic offers a clue: coronavirus. A corona is a crown. “Novel coronavirus pandemic” means “a new coronation for all.”  Read More or listen >>



I spent a chunk of last week putting this mix together using some of my favourite music tracks in synergy with some most loved photos and recent films I'd shot on my iPhone.  The subject of "air" has been very much around us, not least because so many people have been struggling to find it, and the primary reason for creating this collage of sounds and images from nature was to recognise the suffering that so many people are going through at this time, as well as to pay tribute to those at the sharp end, all those on the front line and those not just on the front line of health care but those unsung heroes who are working behind the scenes to keep everything going for us all.  With the grand correction already happening, there is a re-shuffling of the deck in terms of the really important jobs in our society. This is for them... Watch and listen >>

Fresh Air Music


Campfire trialled its first online mini-festival online at Easter via Zoom. Here are a couple of the highlights. We are looking to form a small team to produce some future events so please get in touch if you'd like to get involved in either the technical side or sourcing, collecting or editing content for us. Watch and listen >>

Easter highlights


Hard-nosed contextual ingenuity, poetry, gentleness and hope— we need them all right now… Read More >>



Our long-awaited site upgrade starts beta testing next month, which we are very excited about.

We are inviting you to share a coffee with us next Thursday 30th April at 11:11am on Zoom - register here. If you fancy hosting any small informal online gatherings for Campfire, we'd welcome your involvement so drop us a line.

We always welcome your writing, photos, comments, shares on Campfire.  More than ever, we're looking for positive takes on the huge and rapid changes that our world is undergoing, If you'd like to volunteer to join our editorial team or if you can help us with broadcasting solutions please get in touch.

Stay free, remain in light and watch the skies. Keep looking.

Pete x



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