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Campfire Voice - 15 Mar 2020


Campfire can trailblaze ways for the human family to wake up from the insanity that separates us, to use this as the tipping point to optimise change and to evolve our DNA.

The Call to Action

"We're imagining a new future. We are dreaming it into being" 

Huge global change, on a scale unimaginable at the start of the year, is already happening. The collapse and closing down of the old paradigm of social infrastructure, institutions, businesses, jobs, social mores and lifestyle choices means that we have to adapt with agility and speed. 

These rapid changes have prompted a huge global awakening and coming together. So many of the old ways are exposed as outmoded and redundant. 

Man-made barriers, frontiers, boundaries, political squabbling, petty wars, extreme polarities of all sorts are being exposed.

For the first time in many of our lifetimes, we are truly ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

So much of this is evolving in the unseen. This virus is inviting us to see that we’re all interconnected and how boundary-less life really is.

With many of our so-called leaders so slow to wake up, our values and principles are undergoing an upgrade.

We are looking at a new world.

Yes, there is fear. Yes, there is isolation. Yes, there is panic-buying.


There have already been some heart-warming displays of generosity, of community solidarity and of lock-down singing around the world.

Coronavirus is giving us our 'crowns' (one of Corona's meanings is crown) back.

We need:

To use this as the tipping point to optimise change and to evolve our individual and collective DNA.

To breathe and envision the ways to move through fear towards love and transition.

To open ourselves to LOVE as the universal healer.  

To become liberators...


How do we act together in community and from a place of grounded sovereignty? 

What can we do to speed the transition to Universal Basic Income - surely the only solution to supporting everyone, regardless of their status or activities. 

How can we support each other and especially the vulnerable?

How do we move towards low impact living which prioritises sustainable food, shelter and energy?

How can we embrace the spirit of restoration now that the days of plundering are over?

How can we most effectively move into this collective call for greatness? Into a state of grace? Into service to all?

How can we best use online connection as a resource and a force for good?  

How can Campfire's broadcast transmissions play a part in this as a platform for building resources, raising hope, increasing resilience?

This is a call to action and a call to love

The Campfire community is planning to come together with regular Zoom meetings to look at these issues so we can connect and envision this vital phase in world history.

Join us at 8.11pm GMT Tuesday March 17th on Zoom for an open discussion about how we connect and what we need to prioritise. 

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