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Pete Lawrence - 07 Feb 2020


Here are the 2020 Vision Makers who pitched an exciting range of new social innovations and ideas at Campfire's Winter Gathering (Frome, February 15/16) 

@Victoria Whelan  – “Dodo Circus & the Doomsday Disco”

A youth theatre group, made up of young people aged 13-17, tackling the big issues around the climate crisis using a multimedia format.  The pitch is to gain funding, part of a bigger fundraising campaign, to take the group and show to the Edinburgh Fringe.


@Bill Palmer  – “Knowledge Shareshop”

The proposal is for the creation of a web resource (which operates along the same lines at a dating website!) for connecting those who have skills and knowledge to share into contact with those who would like to learn.  


James Murray-White – “The Rebellion Starts with Rewilding”

Using storytelling, drama and role play, as well as facilitated skills, this XR related project’s focus is to work creatively to facilitate a process of  helping individuals explore the concepts of “rewilding”.


@Matthew Coldrick  – “The Mobile Retreat”

Since the 1950’s we have seen the growth of consumerism shape the behaviour of the majority of the planet’s populace and the fate of our environments. Now with digital technology all pervasive, ‘The Mobile Retreat’ is a response to the colonisation of consciousness,  an approach to media content that helps people bring authentic spiritual practice into their homes and lives. 


@Vicki Burke  – “PIPPA Project”

A website for this project (People in Positive Politics Association”) which will work with individuals and communities wanting to tackle the associated deep feelings of disconnect, looking at inner and outer exploration and action.


@Lucy Wills  – “SHINE – Better Creative Health & Wellbeing”

Researching and developing a variety of people-centered health systems gathered through a comprehensive screening questionnaire, designed to offer specific support to creative individuals.


@Bruford Low  – “Co-Housing – A Vision for a Sustainable Community”

This intentional co-housing community project is looking to purchase land in 2020, to create a human-scale and sustainable model for living consciously.  Bruford is calling for people to join and help advocate this model of living.


@Geoff Greentree  – “Calendar Room”

The creation of a new project that advocates a new 13-month calendar, of 28 days, integrating lunar cycles, natural rhythms, and masculine and feminine solar/ lunar archetypes and a focus on relationship with Gaia.


@Jeremy Pearce – “Campfire Vegetarian/Vegan Product Range”

The creation of a Campfire branded product and lifestyle ranges, using ethical product sourcing and no environment damaging materials, using a co-operative business model, with all monetary surplus being fed back into Campfire.


@Cate Gray – “Daily Rhythms: body clock, sleep, wellbeing”

Simple and affordable range of solutions to create an environment and atmosphere that is conducive to promoting natural rhythms associated with sleep, supporting our natural body clock and leading to physical and emotional wellbeing.


@Ben Gray  – “Frome Forest Project”

A project, combining cultural and economic initiatives, to create “Frome Forest” – a community owned, bio-diverse, rich land resource, including a community owned farm with rewilding, permaculture, learning & community wellbeing at its heart. 


@Ruth Wajsblum  – “Reskilling”

Community workshops to share and learn necessary skills to repair, fix and mend our items and belongings and also the creation of a range of “how to” videos and tutorials for use on social media, showing step by step instructions.


@inez aponte   – “Crazy Beautiful World”

A website aimed at 14-18 year olds, that unpacks and uncovers the facts behind the way we live, work, exchange and organize. Shining a light on the hidden impact of the way we all choose to live and work, in the process providing signposts and pathways to alternatives.


@Beth Salmon  – “Campfire HiVibe Magic Bus”

A converted bus, that will tour the UK, (including home school communities, festivals, rural areas) offering live music and arts events around campfires, with storytelling, singing, dancing and the space for communities to connect.  


@Tanya Dawson  – “Ambient Avalon”

An ambient music-based event, taking place across 4 community buildings in Glastonbury, offering the chance to gather whilst reducing carbon footprint and environmental impact, in collaboration with celebrated DJ Mixmaster Morris. Creating and experimenting with ways to strengthen community and explore our cultural and spiritual gifts.


@Jules Ellison – “Earth Protectors Quest”

Continuing the great work of Polly Higgins, this develops a new toolkit for the Earth Protector Community to explore how ecocide has impacted on the way we live and work.  Offering tools and techniques to enable individuals, organisations and communities to protect and regenerate earth. 

Here are the full pitches


Full articles on each of the above will be launched at the weekend via this Project on the Campfire site and the most upvoted (results announced during our Sunday morning session) will be invited to hold space for a full length session at Campout 2020. Aside from the kudos, an opportunity to have ongoing dialogue with all attendees at the Winter Gathering and future Campfire events, participants will be forwarded to Brian Eno, who set Campfire this challenge and will be celebrated and championed in Campfire community

We hope to take 2020 Vision Makers on the road from spring starting with Union Chapel London date (provisionally May 31st) and we will be inviting further sessions in the UK and beyond. 

We will then put the vote to the wider Campfire community.


A weekend of Big Ideas hosted by Campfire Convention 

Frome is yet again at the forefront of big ideas about future living, with a weekend of inspiration, fun and community.

Campfire Convention, the initiative created by Big Chill founder and Frome resident Pete Lawrence is returning to Fromefollowing a successful summer Campout event in 2019. The two-day Winter Gathering at the recently refurbished Bennett Centre in Vicarage Street takes place on the weekend of 15th and 16th February and promises to be a heady mix of discussion, innovation, art and music. 

A major part of the weekend will be a challenge set by artist, musician and Campfire patron Brian Eno for 16 people to pitch their unique idea, the winning submission receiving a Firestarter cash grant to help it become a reality as well as a full length session at the summer Campout 2020 event at the nearby Field 725 event in early August. Eno who has supported the Campfire organisation from the beginning said ‘I came to Campfire because I’m interested in new social ideas, how we can think about things differently and how things can be done in a better way’ 

The Winter Gathering will be about creating new relationships and connections in the growing Campfire community and welcoming potential new members. The weekend promises to be a lively, fun and informative event. Founder Pete Lawrence said ‘We believe that the Campfire model can help shape the future for community social networking, something that can work for the good of everyone, this gathering in February will be inspirational and radical, we are planning team sessions, discussions on social ideas and making new connections and on the Sunday night we climax with a fabulous live music including Frome band Boudicca’s Child, Frome based poet Liv Torc, singer songwriter Beth Salmon (making her debut live appearance to promote her new ‘Ullesthorpe Campfire Tapes’ release) and Wales-based author and poet Steve Thorp.

Tickets for the Campfire Winter Gathering are available via Bookitbee



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