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Pete Lawrence - 08 Jan 2020



Campfire needs you! 


This article (and appeal) was prompted by an enlightening conversation yesterday with Caroline Neath in which she urged me to reach out to Campfirers about how they can help. Perceptions, she said, led some to believe that we're a fully functioning company with quite a few employees. The truth is that we are still basically me working round the clock with my laptop, a handful of devoted volunteers and some occasional contributors to our online platform and events.

Caroline herself is really keen to help make some podcasts and we already have a few ideas up our sleeves.

So, back to the wider context - I'm going for it, as Caroline suggested. Come and join us! 

The Campfire Convention community is an ad-free, member-led conscious social network working for social change that puts people at its heart. 

We have a vision to join the dots and find the common denominator through creating an ecosystem made up of existing communities, who are working for the conscious transformation that we all know is starting to happen. We’re online and offline. 

Our events in 2020 culminate with the August Campout in Frome.


How you can help

1 Help fund us. We currently have a campaign running. Campfire doesn't deal in advertising, data mining and surveillance capitalism. That's why we need Campfire members to support us. Read about our membership model and our vision to transform social media. My current plan is to sell my house to give me some of cash reservoir (my savings are drained dry) for the next period so anything you can contribute will be well spent (on website development, primarily)

2 Come to our Winter Gathering in Frome in February. You may want to do a 3 minutes pitch for our 2020 Vision Makers challenge that Brian Eno set for us

3 Join us as a forum contributor and tester. We're giving our neglected (and hidden) forum another whirl. The plan is to encourage Campfire members to get the feel of it this week and to go for it next week with various threaded discussions...Feel free to comment on any existing threads or create your own new ones. The advantage, as things stand, is that (unlike the rest of the site) your posts and comments can potentially be seen by the entire Campfire community, not just your friends, as is currently the case. 

4 Get involved with editorial. Campfire is pioneering citizens journalism and developing its own editorial voice. Your posts will form the basis of our site magazine, whether they are based on blogging and writing, podcasting, film making. Our DIY approach may suit you. No great expertise required. Enthusiasm and a keen eye / ear helps. 

Members can easily send their writing, galleries, videos, blogs to the editor for inclusion. Editorial direction should develop a code based around kindness, caring, co-operating and building community. This wider work-in-progress Campfire ethos can be found in Campfire’s ‘About’ pages where we outline our values and principles.

Listen to our Campfire Firecasts

Watch some of our Films. Campout 2019  Extinction Rebellion.

5 Support our major events this year. Following February's Winter Gathering, we have two more events in Somerset in summer, The Little Chill and Campout 2020.

6 Join or set up a local Beacon. Beacons bring people together at local level to find the common ground, respect the differences, keep the conversation going, and take action.

Read how Brighton Beacon got started. Let us know if you'd like to set one up or host a Campfire Conversation. E mail

7 Help us by joining a Circle Team, whether your interest is tech, editorial, design, media, wellbeing, admin, mentorship, kindling Campfire youth or events.

It's amazing to watch people spark off each other who have met at our events, whether in new projects, collaborations, circle teams or personal friendships. 

Campfire already has a social network which was soft-launched in autumn 2018 with hundreds of members and is building a ‘pay what you feel’ membership model. 

The community is building a living village, supporting human kindness, connectivity, playfulness, trust, freedom, co-operation, respect and acceptance, with love at its centre. 

Here are some reasons to become part of our social network:

  • Connecting creative and activist networks
  • Local Beacon gatherings
  • Summer Campouts
  • Eco-consciousness
  • Online networking and building resources

and to help get the collective work done that we all have to do in 2020.

We also need admin help setting up our CIC and a record label. 





Oh no - me again.
Love this Pete (and Caroline)>
We've needed this approach for a while I feel - clear, concise and direct.

Let's trust that people will read and step forward. Could be the beginning of a great team!

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