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Campfire Voice - 04 Jan 2020


The newly-formed Frome Campfire Beacon book club will kick off their first event in the cosy setting of the upstairs room at The Cornerhouse on Sunday January 26th (3pm).

The first hour will be spent talking about (and reading from) books that are currently inspiring you - bring one along.

The second section of the afternoon will feature guest speaker Natalie Fee who has just published the handbook 'How To Save The World For Free' - Nat will talk about the book and quote from it as offering some songs and a Q&A discussion.

Tickets are available now for January via Bookitbee (free booking, donation on arrival)

Are you worried about the effects of climate change on our environment? Want to help but don't know where to start? Environmental activist Natalie Fee's new handbook to green living will help you to make small lifestyle changes which will make a big difference to our planet.

We know that a better world is possible. One where we all get to breathe clean air, marvel at the abundance of wildlife and enjoy life without worrying if it's about to self–destruct. But how do we get there? And can it really be … easy? And fun? And free?

How to Save the World for Free will galvanize you to think and live differently, covering all key areas of our lives, from food and travel to politics and sex. You will feel better, live better and ultimately breathe better in the knowledge that every small change contributes towards saving our world.

Examples of Natalie's tips include:
•Voting with climate change policies in mind
•Carrying a reusable coffee cup or water bottle
•Buying packaging–free toiletries and groceries
•Ditch plastic based pads and tampons in favor of a menstrual cup
•Choose an ethical bank

Unlike other guides to green living, How to Save the World For Free also addresses the big barriers to change, including broken political systems, capitalism, and consumerism–and gives us practical and engaging ways to disrupt them.

Whether you are already taking actions to lessen your footprint or just getting started, this book has ideas to help everyone further their impact.

10% of all profits from the book will go to City to Sea, a non–profit organization running campaigns to stop plastic pollution in our oceans.



Neil Thornton

Loving this book a lot was a Christmas present from daughter.

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