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Pete Lawrence - 31 Dec 2019


We are the change. Let's not wait for politicians to catch up.

At face value, there shouldn’t be too many grounds for optimism as we enter a new decade. Australia burns, icecaps are melting, much of the world is suffering from flooding, poverty and inequality. The most right-wing UK government I have known in my lifetime now have a large majority, endorsed and championed by the far-right Britain First movement and Tommy Robinson. Trump looking possible for another term. Facebook’s surveillance capitalism is all pervasive. There is a widespread feeling of directionless as many ask ‘so what, now?’.

But scratch a little deeper and there are grounds for optimism. A huge number of people have woken up to the fact that there is a climate emergency that will define our news agenda and politics this decade. And with that will come systemic change, the breakdown of capitalism and the rise of a new generation, inspired and led by nature, by community and new approaches to co-operative living for the benefit of all, new economics that puts the wellbeing of people and planet first, in short a new belief system that redefines goals and priorities, invents new systems and new politics at community level while the old system crumbles. Young people are understanding their needs and how the planet has to stay in balance while the older generation are in denial. 

With the darker times comes a realisation that we all have inner work to do. How we view others, listen carefully to and understand others, how we conduct a conversation, open our hearts to look for commonality rather than being fearful of the unknown and differences. Delighting in the uniqueness and the story that every person has, experience of life that we can all learn from. 

As Theo Simon pointed out in his influential speech at Campout 2019, kindness towards each other is the only answer, the only choice if we are to avoid war, conflict and devastation.  The word love may be unfashionable right now, but I’m convinced it is due to make a comeback. What you give out is what you spread around the world.

We face transformative years ahead. Let’s not waste them by getting stuck in ‘business as usual’. It has become clear that that will destroy the world. This decade is probably the most challenging yet for women and men alike. Let’s rise to that challenge and light beacons of hope. But let's not opt out with 'hope', let us be present and open to change, but in the now - focused on ourselves, our inner work and on how we build resilient communities together.

Campfire intends to play its part in connecting people, in being a platform for resources, ideas and social innovation and collaboration. We have much planned for the new year and hope you will join us for the Winter Gathering (February 15/16), The Little Chill (June 19-21) or Campout 2020 (August 5-9) as well as the other smaller events we have planned such as the January full moon sweat lodge and the monthly Frome Beacon book club (last Sunday of the month). I’d like to personally thank everyone who came around the Campfire in 2019 and helped make it so special. 

There is work to do. Let’s light the way forward in 2020 and inspire a revolution of positivity and change.

We are the change. Let's not wait for politicians to catch up.

While we are devising ways to change the world, don't miss the Full Moon Winter Sweatlodge January 10th




What a great and uplifting piece Pete!
Thank you so much for scribbling away and getting stuff posted.
It certainly works to inspire me.
Not much time for that at the moment as I am fetching water and chopping wood, as well as scratching goats before milking and chasing chickens and talking to ancient horses.
It’s all go here I tell you!
Looking forward to seeing you I am back.
Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve, and yes, let’s put kindness, the willingness to look at our own patterns and enthrone a real desire to see the good in others at the centre of our hearts
Like you, I believe it’s the only useful way forward like you, I believe it’s the only useful way forward
I am really feeling so rewarded and included by this campfire community which you, and all of us are co-creating x

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