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Pete Lawrence - 29 Dec 2019


I have been sorting through my photos from the year - here are some iconic moments. 85 of them:

1 Full moon winter skies over Frome

2 Plato setting the tone for the year

3 February walk above Swanage on None Barrow Down

4 Discovering the art of Harry Bunce

5 The writing of Katie Brockhurst

6 My first conscious dance DJ set in Glastonbury

7 The funeral of John Rixon, Big Chill audio visual co-ordinator and all-round maverick

8 Lunch with Norman Jay. Noprman suggests doing a Little Chill

9 Video promo shoot in Brighton for Fire in The Belly crowdfund 

10 Discovering the art of Julie Oldfield

11North Cornwall coast sunset

12 Losing another very good friend R.I.P. Alan James

13 Spring is in the air - at last! 

14 XR rebellion - Hyde Park Corner

15 XR rebellion - Waterloo Bridge

16 XR rebellion - Red Brigade

17 XR rebellion - Massive Attack stage

18 Mayday in Frome - Belles of London City

19 Fire In The Belly crowdfund is launched

20 Buttercups on Cley Hill

21 DIY promo video filming

22 Andie Brazewell and Steve Hoare walk the prospective Little Chill site

23 All these green fields

24 A proper cider pub - my first visit to Tuckers Grave near Frome

25 First Trailblazers weekend, Selgars Mill, Devon

26 Gale Vincent in Spain

27 Andie Brazewell at Field 725 in Frome

28 Me videoing The Little Chill during Norman Jay's Sunday set

29 Tim Regester, Jez Allerton and Mat Dakin enjoying The Little Chill

30 Stuart Warren-Hill's groundbreaking Holotronica set

31 Little Chill campfire

32 Me with Nico de Transilvania

33 Peak District ledge near Heaton

34 Helen and Ellis' wedding

35 Laurie in the cornfield

36 Campout programme

37 Vicki Burke and harp at Campout

38 Bob Hillary around the Campout fire

39 Ralph Pettingill and Jez Le Fevre : Brothers in arms

40 Yoga at Campout

41 Me and Gale at Campout

42 Group huddle at Campout

43 The fire

44 Julia Palmer-Price and closing ceremony at Campout

45 Lakshmi on the terrace, Paros

46 Our yoga group, Paros

47 Tassos, the best yoga teacher, Paros

48 Chris Westie, my bestie in Paros

49-53 Cyclades sunsets

54 My DIY film 'Campout 2019 - The Movie) is published

55 XR tree, St James Park, October Rebellion

56 Matt Black and Dinez, The Mall Stage, XR October Rebellion

57 Meditators for change, Trafalgar Square, XR October Rebellion

58 Becca and Laurie, XR October Rebellion

59 Me, Trafalgar Square, XR October Rebellion

60 Me and Joey, Trafalgar Square, XR October Rebellion

61 George Monbiot talks, XR October Rebellion

62 George Monbiot is arrested, XR October Rebellion

63 Gail Bradbrook talks, Trafalgar Square, XR October Rebellion

64 The first ever Peoples Assembly to be held in Parliament, XR October Rebellion

65 Becca, train back to Frome

66 Me, Ebbor Gorge, Somerset

67 Beth Salmon, Northampton

68 Beth Salmon, Northampton

69 Rob Cooper, ex police superintendent, Exeter services

70 Walk, Slinfold, Sussex 

71 My panel talk, Milan, Italy

72 Graveyard, Christ Church, Frome

73 Trailblazers 2, Selgars Mill, Devon

74 Steve Thorp reads and teaches poetry, Selgars Mill Trailblazers weekend

75 Cley Hill

76 Cley Hill

77 Brass Band, Lantern Parade, Frome

78 The Gang - with Becca, Sarah and Laurie

79 Beth, Ullesthorpse campfire session

80 Around the fire, my garden, Frome

81 Loulou, Campfire solstice gathering, West Woodlands, Frome

82 Campfire solstice ceremony, West Woodlands, Frome

83 Walk in the field, Campfire solstice gathering, West Woodlands, Frome

84 and big pic  Heaven's Gate, Longleat

Cley Hill meditation, Christmas Day



Dana Amma-Day

Wow fantastic photos x



Well Pete – I have to say I recognise a lot of those photos and I’m so moved and yes, thrilled to have discovered you, Campfire and all the folks I’ve met this year. I think I choose several those photos myself as highlights of my year, for sure!
Thank you so much for trawling through your memories and sharing them with us
I’m away at the moment, completely off grid, but might get a chance to do this in the next couple of weeks.
Such a great memento.

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