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Pete Lawrence - 15 Nov 2019


:: Deep Fakes :: Kindness :: Finding a 3 word Campfire slogan? :: Zoom is the new Skype :: Daily Mirror turns green ::

1 :: Deep Fakes are the tip of the iceberg in this UK election

Future Advocacy created a pair of political deepfakes to raise awareness of the threat that is everywhere online.

Two very surprising videos appeared on the internet this week. One featured Prime Minister Johnson endorsing opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn for the upcoming election. The other was the opposite. One was convincing and funny, the other pallid and ineffective. What does that tell us? Answers on a postcard please...

As it gets harder to know what is real and what is a total fabrication, Facebook and other media goliaths are walking away from any responsibility to 'police' fake news in election campaigns. So we have to wise up and resist the temptations to share asymmetric fake news via memes that are cynically designed to get huge numbers of people sharing them.

2 :: May the kindness that starts with you turn full circle.

Tuesday was World Kindness Day so I made a point of listening again to Theo Simon's talk on kindness at our Campout 2019 event.  I can't help but come to the stark realisation that kindness really is the only way we can save our planet. After the lost decades of capitalist-dominated neoliberalism and free-market 'dog eat dog' rationale, we really need to change tack and find the humility to point out to others that underneath it all, we're just the same, to find the points of commonality, to join the dots and respect the differences. Each of us are "literally no better than anyone else" as Theo points out.

3 Three word slogans are cool and can we come up with one for Campfire??  

It's interesting that the slogan Bernie Sanders is using for his campaign 'Not Me. Us.' could easily have been one that em,braces Campfire's values and principles too, as we make that transition from 'what's in it for me, Jack?' to 'what can we build together?

There have been some classic examples of crass 3 word slogans recently - you don't have to look far to hear 'Get Brexit Done' at every Tory turn, just as 'Strong and stable' robotically clubbed us all over the head at the last election. The trick is to be crafty and to really feel the words and their impact on how they make you feel. 

Any takers for a Campfire 3 worder?

4 :: Zoom is the new Skype

As John McDonnell's broadcast with Faiza Shaheen (standing for election in Iain Duncan-Smith Chingford and Woodford Green constituency) last night chalked up an impressive 3, 000 participants as the Labour Party hosted the biggest political video call the UK has ever seen.

For political electioneering, getting your message out to the masses, there's no better tool than Zoom. I tuned in and heard McDonnell talk about a £250bn 10 year programme to transform the way the economy would work, a programme that moves from fossil fuels to alternative energy sources - wave, wind, solar, retro fitting peoples homes and putting heat pumps in . There wasn't even a mention of the big story that was breaking at the same time, of Labour's free broadband for all offer, which could easily be the game-changer for this election alongside whatever happens around the climate emergency. 400, 000 jobs would be created. 

Campfire TV has plans for broadcasting and gathering related content too, which we will be looking at in 2020.

5 :: Daily Mirror turns green this week

Let's hope it's not a one-off but (whisper it) we're spotted some huge shifts in mainstream media activity this week - from the Daily Mirror (the smart tabloid)'s 

Guess who has reacted fast today?  (no links from these images!) 


and finally... a lovely burnished autumn gold,  taken at Campfire's inspirational Trailblazers 2 weekend in Devon on Sunday.





Love this Pete. Only just found time to read it and start thinking about my own 5 THINGS.
Really like the way you put it together so succinctly but sparking ideas and through processes in the, er, process!


Claire Watts

How about 'Campfire fuels hope'?

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