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Pete Lawrence - 11 Nov 2019


We all came back home - to Selgars Mill for our second Trailblazers weekend, a heady, moving mix. The three days were a feast for the imagination, the senses, the mind, the body, the spirit and the heart. Connections, words, music, singing, conversations, talks, poetry, yoga, dancing, fireside gatherings, walks in nature, delicious home-cooked food. And lots more magic besides.

Hard to find the words to do it justice at the moment, but I'll try to let this short impressionistic film do the talking, for now... 

I didn't film the talks and much of the daytime sessions - which were all deeply stimulating - but here is a snapshot of the fun and games, the walks in nature, the artful creativity and the human connections we made.

Thanks to everyone who came and opened up to share the love and deep connection. 


Steve Thorp's poem 'Coming Back to Life'

My poem 'Elementary'


Warming earth

Sparking tinder

Rolling thunder

Swollen rivers

It’s elementary, my dear

What’s on the agenda, now?

Apocalypse, propaganda

Denial of truth

Distortion of science

Faking of the news

Closing down our views

We are chilled by nature

Ignited by supernature

Visions appear unannounced

Inspiral dreams

Of a better world we glimpse

We find our place

A space in the circle

A cog in the wheel

A fleeting spark in the firmament

We find a new togetherness

Joining the dots

While respecting the differences

Firing the imagination

Opening the overton window 

Wider and wider

Shifting perspective

Collecting consciousness

Connecting subconsciousness

Now we are waking up

Moving together in love

Opening up like flowers

Touching the sun, the moon

The tides, the stars, the galaxies

The wider vision

That transcends the squabbling

That unites the passions

That gets the juices flowing

The deliciousness of connecting

The singing out in collective joy

Now is our time

With kindness we will win this

There is no microwave quick-fix

More a slow burn

A lighting of the torch

A winding path to illumination

A manifesto of souls

Come gather around the fire

In a circle, in tantra

Whatever our mantra

Whispering kindness 

The softcore, the centre

The joy of living 



Christopher Brown

Thanks Pete for your vision and leadership to get us to the wonderful Selgars Mill I was thinking how I describe the event and I was bought back to a conversation I was listening to featuring a sex therapist and one thing I took from that was to be real every event it has to have transcendence and I felt that at Selgars Mill look forward to more events that help us and spurs us onward



Oh my goodness Pete!
Watching this so soon after the event meant everything was so fresh in my memory and so richly alive.
What a truly MAGNIFICENT bunch of crazy bananas I now have the excellent good fortune to be friends with!
Thank you one and all for your contribution to my life, now and in the, as yet, un-envisioned future.
SO looking forward to creating more magical mayhem, music and cracking events with you.
Pete - huge huggy kisses for putting this together in such a way that the sweetness of everyone's hearts comes shining good to see you managed a shot of Mr Puik as well, so central was he to almost every proceeding!
Awesome on every level. x



Only just realised that this was your poem from Steve's unpoetry workshop.
Really enjoying the list of notions, passion and pictures contained within it.


Geoff Greentree

That was so lovely Pete thankyou . It was a beautiful gathering, much to process, a wonderful group of motivated open hearted people.. As always the connections deepen just as we part, tho looking forward to seeing some of you in a field somewhere - or in the sweatlodge!
Much love to all



I've just watched this 8 days later and had already dropped some snippets from my memory...I just loved seeing the creative mayhem that happened in the barn, and in the Irish (sic) session...and the clapping game of Sian and Robin, and the sweepers....and the intense discussions and everyone being brave and saying/singing their poems through the singing....what matters is already here.
Nuff said xxx

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