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Pete Lawrence - 16 Oct 2019


“I think that what I’ve discovered is that when we act in concert with other people we are so much stronger, individually as well as collectively, than when we try and do anything alone. When I was a young man I had this heroic, individualism myth where I thought I can fight all this stuff by myself, and as I’ve grown older I’ve found you just can’t. You really can’t. You can’t even do it psychologically, unless you’ve got a really powerful movement with you, and you’re part of that movement, and you’re one small element within that bigger movement. So yes, I guess what I’ve discovered is that we stand together, or we fall apart.”

George Monbiot, 56, Writer and Campaigner (under arrest)






So moving to see George fulfilling his intention to be arrested.
I loved the way he said that he was going to make it easy for the police by carrying his placard saying that he was definitely 'assembling'!

I'm fully aware that George is a white, middle-class, educated, quite high status male, and as such is in a privileged position. But we are who we are - George is acutely aware of his privileged status, and made that clear in his Guardian article on Tuesday this week.
He also made it clear that it is the duty of these thus privileged to take action on behalf of all people, which is partly why I hold him in such high regard.

His actions are also coherent - he has been speaking and taking action on similar issues for many years now.
I, for one, am feeling deeply grateful that people such as George exist, and that they maintain their high-profile through their consistent work and communications.


Shirley Rutter

I agree with Laurie and it is very moving and heartening to hear George's words above about how if we act together we are much stronger.
I walked along Oxford Street on Saturday last with a huge march of climate change-anxious people. It was the most interesting time I have ever been to Oxford Street, a great feeling amongst the walkers, some shoppers kept their heads down and wouldn't look at us, others were very open to us and wanted to know what we were doing.

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