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Pete Lawrence - 05 Aug 2019


Lots has been written already about The Little Chill weekend...

Check here and here and here and here for starters.

Here's my film, very DIY (my usual way) and a bit shoddy around the edges, but hopefully it captures the spirit of an amazing weekend.

Introduction Pan Electric 'Rising Slowly'

Film features footage of Alice Russell, DJ Yam, Pressure Drop, Neil Cowley, Toby Marks and Andrew Heath, Pan Electric, alucidnation, Matt Black,  Indra Adnan, Laura B, Steve Cobby and Kwasi, The Egg, Nico de Transilvania, Tom Middleton, Holotronica, Alan James tribute, Chilled By Nature, Pete Lawrence, Newanderthal, Norman Jay and Mixmaster Morris.

Photo thanks : Jai Michael and Andrew Cleal

Extra footage : Mary Valiakas

Click the image below for YouTube link>>




James Lamport

Nice one Pete, Splendid.


Matthew Coldrick

Community at its best.So grateful to have been invited .I re-united with old friends and found new ones as well. I danced for the first time in probably 3 years ( Thanks Nico and Norm !) More than that thought ,I felt a sense of possibility for building a societal foundation, a structure that we can believe in. mx


Katherine Lucy Sang



Katherine Lucy Sang

Space where imaginations are free to roam; beautifully sentient atmosphere.


Andie Brazewell

Filled to the brim with joy ❤️ thank you @Pete Lawrence
So the next chapter begins...Little Chill 2020 is coming, Summer Solstice weekend...

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