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Campfire Voice - 18 Jul 2019


For attendees of our Sussex South Downs event next weekend, we have just released a downloadable PDF of the weekend's programme including schedules, site information and links to artists pages.

Music, talks, yoga, wellbeing, a campfire and a wide selection of food and drinks are on offer at this intimate event.

Follow the link below for downloadable PDF >>

This intimate, largely music-based mini-festival in the South Downs has been modelled on the sprit of the original Big Chill and has been supported by top DJ icons from The Big Chill including Tom Middleton, Mixmaster Morris, Coldcut's Matt Black as well as attracting support from live artists Alice Russell, Neil Cowley, Laura B, Pan Electric, Toby Marks and Andrew Heath and many others.

There is also the Campfire space for talks and yoga, themed 'The Renaissance of Humanity' programmed by Campfire steering group member @Mary Valiakas 

Original co-founder of The Big Chill and Campfire Firestarter, Pete Lawrence explains "The idea for this event came out of a chance remark from Norman Jay MBE over lunch in London when we were reminiscing about Good Times, The Big Chill and looking forward too. We talked about Norman’s plans - he's writing a book - and he talked about how he could support the emerging Campfire Convention community.

He then turned to me and casually remarked  "Have you considered doing a little Big Chill reunion as a fundraiser for Campfire?

To be honest, it wasn't something I had given any thought to prior to that point. But on my drive down to Brighton that afternoon, the idea was circulating around my head and I spoke to a few more people about it, when I got to the coast.

By lunchtime the next day, we had been offered a site in the South Downs and within a couple of weeks, a small team emerged who were up for organising the event.  We had a plan.

So I started emailing a few friends about the possibility of doing a new, one-off Big Chill-style event and was pleasantly surprised by the response. It wasn't long before a line-up of 'old favourites' began to take shape.

The result is what have arrived at - a cosy, intimate, homespun, spontaneous celebration of life, a respect to the original spirit of The Big Chill and hopefully a glimpse into future possibilities for different styles of events.

The Big Chill is still loved by many and while it’s great to gather in a field and recreate some of the original vibe of the early event - before commercial constraints became the driving force. We have an eye on the future and we are moving forward with a variety of Campfire events. It makes sense to connect up these two forces, which have been so central to my life over the last 20 years or more.

The weekend is in some senses a Big Chill reunion in the original early spirit before commercial forces took over. But we are also looking to new beginnings."

All profits will go towards Campfire Convention, our social network.

Norman Jay: “Campfire is all about a modern, more ethical, green way of communicating. The good thing about this enterprise is that it’s a profit sharing one, rewarding the original contributors and great creators who’ve already given their time for free because they believe in this project, so literally everyone’s a winner.”



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