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A space for carrying on the conversation after our Trailblazers weekends (June and November 2019, Selgars Mill, Devon). What next?
by Pete Lawrence
Created on 13 Jun 2019

A space for carrying on the conversation after our Trailblazers weekend (June and November 2019, Selgars Mill, Devon). What next?



Thu, 06/13/2019
11 Nov 2019 at 12:03 by Pete Lawrence
We all came back home - to Selgars Mill for our second Trailblazers weekend - a feast for the imagination, the senses, the mind, the body, the spirit and the heart. Connections, words, music, singing, conversations, talks, poetry, yoga, dancing, fireside gatherings, walks in nature, delicious home-cooked food. Laughter, tears, joy and lots more magic besides.
10 Sep. 2019 by Pete Lawrence
Join us for an energising and constructive weekend of workshops, discussions and collaborative tasks around how Campfire explores the interface between online resource building and f2f interaction and how we keep the fires burning through winter. Learn new skills, share ideas with like-minded others, refine tactics, celebrate communality, how we can use our unique skills as part of a team effort as well as creating significant local actions that can spread and inspire others and reach out beyond borders.  
12 Jun. 2019 by Steve Thorp
Last weekend, I was at the Trailblazers weekend at one of my favourite places – Selgars Mill, an old Mill in Devon that is being slowly and painstakingly converted into a ecologically inspired creative retreat. It’s a green and magical environment, surrounded by water that always seems to threaten to encroach – an apt analogy, perhaps, to the climate state we find ourselves in. I wonder what part places like this will play in our response to the Climate breakdown and our need for sanctuary...
10 Jun. 2019 by Pete Lawrence
The first Selgars Mill Campfire Trailblazers weekend exceeded all my expectations. It was joyous, educational, surprising, connecting, nourishing and at times, ecstatic. in the words of Lara Eidi "Four days .. four days that have truly moved , inspired , pushed and surprised me in what I knew I had been seeking for a while now .. change is truly within us : we can , as people , no longer be silent about our planet, our community, and our role to sustain and maintain quality of life and well being . I met some of the most incredible people here at Trailblazers - Campfire's Active Citizens Weekend and Campfire Convention and felt a connection with what we all had to say and feel shout how to change the world , one small step at a time .. a few moments of music and life to capture some exciting projects in the making"
6 Jun. 2019 by Campfire Voice
We have just released the timetable for the first Campfire Trailblazers 'tools for active citizens' weekend at Selgars Mill, Devon (June 7-9)