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Campfire Voice - 06 Jun 2019




3-4pm Arrival Sign in and tour of the spaces, the grounds and accommodation, followed by tea time

4.30 Welcome to Selgars Mill - a short history of the project here Personal introductions to facilitators and weekend timetables

5pm Pete Lawrence in the barn - why are we here? What is Trailblazing? How do we connect and inspire each other?

5.30 pm Jamie Kelsey Fry introduces the key themes and areas he will be providing sessions based on thirty years of grassroots activism, media jamming, movement building, internationalist solidarity, beautiful trouble, radical democracy and mass civil disobedience

6pm- 6.45pm Sarah Jewell - Group voice and rhythm exercise ice breaker and all people to the gardens to pick salad, BAR open! Free time


8.45 - After dinner offerings-Poem from Steve Thorp and a song from Lara Eidi?



BREAKFAST in the Mill 7.45-9.15

9.30 Pete Lawrence introduces Campfire Convention - a new social media, online community - why we need one.

10-11.45 JKF's tools for Active Citizens workshop …'The end of politicians'- JKF gives an introduction to the revolution in participatory and deliberative democracy

11.45 Coffee break and free time

12pm Optional foraging walk with Jonas and the lunch crew


Activism that works -  JKF gives an introduction to the basic steps to take for an action to have impact outside of your own Facebook page

3pm Sarah Jewell presents 'Music - the soundtrack session' - using your voice in engaging/creative ways to be heard, to deepen your message and to build creative connections across borders

4.30 tea, coffee and cake and free time

5pm Franny Armstrong - writer and director of The age of Stupid - film screening

Q+A Franny, JKF, Pete, Ian and Alison

7.30 DINNER followed by - cabaret, jam, drumming, dancing and fire side conversations



BREAKFAST in the Mill 8am—9.30

10am Pete Lawrence - Why we need new models for social media - Just as Extinction Rebellion have woken us up to climate catastrophe, we now need to wake up to Surveillance Capitalism (Includes 16 minute audio Soundcloud by author Shoshana Zuboff)

11.30 Coffee / tea break

12pm-1.15 pm  Open Space - Suggest your own session on a blackboard. And then vote with your feet!

1.15 LUNCH + tidy up

2.30 Keeping the Fires Burning… 

What's coming next : JKF gives a set of rebellious horizons which the cavalry are coming over and as they get closer, it turns out they are you.

Goodbytes to be said, songs to be sung!!

Farewells 3.30 finish

Jamie Kelsey Fry in front of the Houses of Parliament

More on the weekend - plus booking, click below :


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