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Campfire Voice - 04 Jun 2019


Campfire’s team consists almost entirely of volunteers. This is an appeal for those who may wish to give time and energy to cause. 

Through crowdfunding and gradually increasing our membership as well as potential revenue from events and mentorship sessions, we are gradually building a sustainable collaborative model which is should work to benefit the community and its members. We are also starting to build a karma scheme which aims to reward community engagement and activity with a profit share. In time we hope to start to offer some payment to those putting in the work in key positions.

Working for Campfire on a voluntary basis can offer many benefits. Besides enhancing skills and building personal kudos points, software developers are enhancing their own reputation within the Drupal community through specific application and expertise which can have wide benefits through its open source ethos; events volunteers can build hands-on expertise; editors and writers can find an outlet in the public eye for combining their natural creativity with practical experience and mentors can widen their circle and promote their own hobbies and passions as potential earners.

As the ecosystem expands and develops, more skills are needed for our evolution. At the moment we are specifically looking for :

1 Admin / credit control - more transactions and sessions means more associated admin

2 Teams co-ordinator.  A person who can manage communication between teams and keep the bigger picture.

3 Tech Team members. Drupal experience a big advantage.

4 Events Team members. Stewards and co-ordinators in particular.

5 Mentorship co-ordinator. With our crowdfund came the rise of our Mentorship Circle. Some exciting possibilities for face-to-face sessions and online courses

6 Design team, Online, print in particular.

7 Outreach and social media.

8 Kindling (young Campfirers).

9 Campfire TV media (film documentary, podcasts, radio, organising guest curators etc)

10 Writing and editorial.

11 Company development. Setting up our platform cooperative.

12 Beacons co-ordinator. We will soon re-launch our Beacons and start to encourage more local events. This position will co-ordinate communication and information resources as well as local events.

13  Steering group. We would welcome a couple extra members to our steering group. Monthly online meetings and annual face-to-face meeting.

14 Anything we haven’t included here that takes your fancy. 

Specific to our summer events, festival manager Andie Brazewell writes :

We are looking for :

- Health and Safety Officer on the organising team. They would ideally write the risk assessment and EMP for the event, oversee the implementation of actions that relate to this such as signage, steward briefing etc.

- Steward Coordinator on the organising team. They would be taking on the admin, replying to volunteers, coordinating and managing the stewarding on the event.

- Finance Officer on the organising team. This person oversees all the financial side of the event, budget holding, payment of bills and invoices, completing the festival budget including VAT, P & L, as part of Campfire Convention.

- Event Crew. These are additional volunteers to stewards to help with the set up and take down of the festival such as theming, signage, tent erection, marking areas etc. It is all the hands on stuff that is required to make the site good and safe prior to opening to the public. I do a site check prior to gates opening with our H & S officer to make sure all h & s is in place and the site is ready for gates to open. I would suggest a team of six would be sufficient for two days before, plus the Monday. Half price tix for these folk too, or even free??


If any of the above interests you please drop a line to our founder @Pete Lawrence


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