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Pete Lawrence - 01 Jun 2019


Well, that was quite a finish after a May marathon rollercoaster ride!  

I'll admit that I had periods over the month when I doubted we'd achieve our target. With just three minutes to go, it looked like we weren't going to make the target but at the eleventh hour (as Global Communication's 'Ob Selon Minos' - the epic 'ticking clock' track - randomly came on the Sonos) two anonymous donors popped up to push us over the line.

I'm very happy that we made it, for the sake of the amazing team that has come together to co-ordinate, to offer their expertise as sessions, to rally around and spread the word. This is only the beginning - but gives us some leeway to start to do things with Campfire. I'd like to thank you all.

I intend to leave my laptop well alone today after this - it will be the first time in many weeks.

The crowdfund is still open and we're still selling perks and accepting donations so please mention it to friends. A large chunk of everything we receive now will go into the kitty towards development and our software upgrade - and if we can sell out Little Chill it will give us more options still.

I thank you again for believing in this project and coming with our team on the journey.

Keep it lit! 



Kay Bottomley

Brilliant news! Awesome well done to all of you


Lisa Faiers

Cracking news!


Matthew Foord

Fantastic news. Well done to everyone :-)

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