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Pete Lawrence - 01 May 2019


We have just we soft-launched our first template for a fledgling Campfire TV concept, in collaboration with Deepview TV. We appeal to our members and Fundrazrs to come together to help us develop our editorial, whether it be writing, film, podcast, programming. We'd like to invite you to be part of the process.

Let's see what we can spark at this one-day session in July (location Somerset, Wed 10July tbc). 

We're adding this as a Fundrazr perk to see what interest we get. For further enquiries please email




Ian Noah

This is good and chimes with our project values at Deepview ( It's really important that we take the opportunity that Campfire TV can provide, to re-assess not just 'what' is being commented upon or documented in its media, but 'how', 'why', 'for whom' and 'by whom'.

Establishing an editorial space, group, event, etc is a great idea and should help enable the Campfire members to 'spark' some truly collaborative, grass-roots content development.

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