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Pete Lawrence - 30 Apr 2019


I've decided to throw caution to the wind and throw open house for a day where I will talk about my 'career' path and how I overview it now. About how I have generally followed my gut instinct and how it has usually served me well.  From working in record retail to setting up my own record label and then to start publishing On magazine which prepared the ground for The Big Chill and how that led to a belief in the potential of community to empower which has culminated in Campfire Convention. 

I will focus on how ideas generate for me and how I then conceptualise and pursue those ideas.

Also how key strategic points have led to decisions and on how happy accidents evolved in serendipity. How setbacks affected the trajectory and how opportunity came out of misfortune. 

The rollercoaster journey that was The Big Chill will be revisited with some attention to how we navigated it.

I will also outline what my original dreams were for Campfire and how they are evolving and how we can work together to build a platform that works for and benefits all. 

I'd also like to spend separate time with the individuals who attend in follow up sessions to discuss where we're at and what we can learn from each other. 

Date : Friday October 25th

Time : 10.30 - 17:00, lunch included

Venue : Frome, Somerset 

Price : £150 

For up to 4

To book this session please visit Campfire Fundrazr


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