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Pete Lawrence - 27 Apr 2019


Campfire has launched its 'Fire In The Belly' crowdfund appeal for Phase 3 of our development work which is already underway.

We've included a PDF document (downloadable) of our crowdfund pitch.

Countdown by


We are offering a variety of perks which have been kindly donated or submitted by members, from mentorship sessions to special hand printed tee shirts. Each will be signed/stamped by the maker - Lucas Almeida. Beyond limited edition - these are works of art. Available in a range of colours and sizes, in female / male cuts.

And, of course, there are a limited number of tickets on offer for The Little Chill, which will be an intimate weekend 'down on the farm' vibe event in the Sussex South Downs over the weekend of July 27/28, an idea originally suggested by DJ and Big Chill icon Norman Jay. 

Please check out our campaign and we hope you can help us achieve our goal



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